Get Rich Quick: Mozilla Joins Google And Microsoft

By | June 10, 2015

Get Rich Quick: Mozilla Joins Google And MicrosoftWill pay you $10,000+ for mind boggling exploits.

If you want to get rich quick and have some deep understanding on how web browsers work and more importantly, how to exploit them, then good news as Mozilla has just announced that they too will be paying money for discovering various security vulnerabilities.

As a result, updated Client Bug Bounty Program will reward anyone if they create or report a:

– Novel vulnerability and exploit, new form of exploitation or an exceptional vulnerability ($10,000+)
– High quality bug with clearly exploitable critical vulnerability ($7,500)
– High quality bug report of a critical or high vulnerability ($5,000)
– Minimum for a high or critical vulnerability ($3,000)
– Medium vulnerability ($500 – $2,500)

So how does Mozilla stack up against Google now? Well, it is definitely much more competitive now although the search giant offers reward of up to $15,000 or 50% more than the open source organization.

[Via: Mozilla]

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