Fun Continues: Microsoft, EU and Opera Software

By | January 29, 2009

According to, the European Commission may force PC users to choose between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and other browsers when they set up a new machine.

Shareholders were also warned about a “significant” (probably more than 1 billion) fine by EU. I guess that money will fill up some holes in EU budget, especially during recession.

Microsoft also said that such a ruling might require that OEMs distribute browsers from the company’s rivals along with IE on new PCs.

Also, Microsoft might be required to disable “certain unspecified Internet Explorer software code” if the user chooses a competing browser.

I wonder how many web browsers there will be. 4 most popular or hundreds of them to avoid law suits from other web browser makers….


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  1. K3M15A says:

    Either they include them all or none of them.
    I would prefer the latter.

    If MS is forced to include other browsers, I hope to God they arent preinstalled, if they are, I will uninstall Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    Using Safari is a very unimpressive browsing experience.
    Chrome lacks features I have grown to love.
    Extensions breaking every Firefox update is a pain, and truly it never grew on me.

    So Opera it is, and IE for the sites that engage in browser sniffing and send shit code to Opera.


  2. sigh says:

    Another ignorant troll post by Vyggie.


    The obvious solution is to just rip as much as possible of IE out of Windows and let OEMs preinstall a browser. The EU is just considering different approaches at the moment.

    Just because Vyggie is ignorant of the law and things Microsoft did nothing wrong doesn’t mean that this corresponds with reality.

  3. Morbus says:

    Yeah, failure to know how to disable firefox’s extension compatibility check to avoid false incompatibilities on software update is such a pain…

    Opera is a great browsing software. But there’s no need to flaunt your latent lack of need for any complex features in your browser. You don’t need FireBug? That’s fine. You don’t need the control Tab Mix Plus gives you? Ok. NoScript, AdBlock Plus, DownThemAll! or Locationbar² are not for you? It’s your own business. But just because you know no better than complain about false incompatibilities that are the extensions’ creators’ fault, it’s not in your right to think your better than anybody else, kemisa.

    Also, Microsoft is not stupid enough to go and bundle every single browser in their windows. Or every single major browser, even. They will just provide links to download whatever browser we want, and if we don’t have internet, well, first off, we don’t really need a browser (for the most part), and secondly, we won’t be able to activate our windows. We’ll need another computer with an internet connection to activate it, and now that we’re at it, we might aswell download our browser no?