Flock Gloss Edition Released (Girls Only?)

By | July 24, 2008

Flock Gloss Edition Released (Girls Only?)Flock team just released the world’s first and only fashion and entertainment related browser.

Here’s how the Gloss Edition will treat you:
Be the first to know when you have new messages or content waiting for you.
Stay up on the latest news from over 35 of the best fashion/celeb/entertainment sites on the web.
Get the latest media streams for fashion interviews, red carpet events, and the latest styles.

Here’s why Flock’s Gloss Edition is more fun:
Your friends are always there – just like celebrities in rehab
You can share your scoop with friends by just ‘drag-n-drop’ (like yesterday’s boyfriend)
It’s unlike anything else out there. (And did we mention it’s so damn cute?)

It’s all about that… Skin color? Girly girl (pink)…

Flock Gloss Edition Released (Girls Only?)

Although I am not sure if only girls are interested in fashion, so statements like “like yesterday’s boyfriend” doesn’t sound really nice. If you like fashion, entertainment, celeb and pink, feel free to try Flock Gloss Edition.


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