Flock Ditches Firefox in Favor of Chromium

By | June 17, 2010

Now here is a real bummer. Flock Inc., company behind well known social web browser has released the very first Beta of Flock 3.0.

What’s so special about that?
It appears that the latest version of Flock is now based on Chromium instead of Mozilla’s Firefox.

According to developers, this will help them to offer a much faster and better product for all the users.

There is also a bunch of new features, you may read more about them here.

Download Flock 3.0 (Windows only).

What do you guys think about this change?

Thanks to Blake, Sebastian Kraus and Shane Bundy for the news tip.


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  1. nvm says:

    Inevitable? :)

  2. jrk says:

    I’m a Firefox fan, but for an app like Flock the move makes sense. Chromium has an elegant and clean C++ source code while Firefox source looks like an obfuscated unknown language.

  3. Rudradeep says:

    so after maxthon, Flock enters d chromium zone! IE 0, Fx 0, Chromium 2 !

  4. Mister Buns says:

    lol, wtf? why would chrome be any better? chrome is just a stripped down piece of <censored> that google uses to collect info off of u. And, isn’t firefox f/oss, and chrome not? just makes a LOT more sense to keep firefox. whateve, i’m just bitching.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Well, Chromium is FOSS too, only it doesn’t have some of the things that make Chrome “attractive” to some people, like H264 rendering, for example.

      • Ichann says:

        Well the only browser as of late to incorporate desirable features (core features) is Chrome.
        It is also a well laid out browser that newbies can grasp easily. I mean that omnibar take half of the screen real estate.

  5. i have tried flock before when it was on firefox engine, and it was greater than it is now. as of this moment, i am using flock 3.0 beta (the chromium one) and it is also great. however, alike in chrome, i have experienced not a few crashes on the pages i am viewing (even facebook). so,if i were asked, i would stay on the flock on the chromium platform.