First Firefox OS Tablet Revealed

By | June 4, 2013

First Firefox OS Tablet Revealed

Two foxes don’t make a bear.

As reported back in May, Foxconn and Mozilla have recently announced a strategic partnership and Firefox OS tablet.

What about the details? There aren’t any, journalists weren’t even allowed to touch a tablet. Talk about a reveal.

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  1. IE user says:

    Somehow I don’t understand the need for this in today’s world.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      It’s a low cost tablet for underdeveloped countries. Just like Firefox OS for smartphones is meant for low cost phones for underdeveloped countries.

      You and I may not need it, and that’s why Mozilla isn’t doing it for us, who are spoiled for choice and can actually afford Windows 8 gizmos and iPads and whatnot.

    • Rafael says:

      I don’t mean to offend you but being an “IE user” you’ll never understand the concept of “web as the platform”.

  2. EvilMosaic says:

    Cute fox.

  3. friv 3 says:

    This is good.