Firefox Reaches 100% Market Share in Antarctica

By | March 6, 2009

According to the latest StatsCounter stats, Firefox now has 100% market share in Antarctica.

Who said that it’s not possible?



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  1. abcnet says:

    there is only 3 computers there in Antarctica
    hhhaaaaaaa hhhhhaaaaaa

    this is misleading info to support FF
    dumb stat

  2. mabdul says:

    but it is funny ;)

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Well, Antarctica’s population is basically scientists and stuff, so it’s no wonder :P

    And they probably all use Linux too.

  4. Daniel says:

    I wish they used opera

  5. Daniel says:

    I love opera

  6. DeclinedDoomed says:

    Good for you.

  7. bo$$ says:

    They should-have chosen Opera Browser.

  8. Torbjørn Vik Lunde says:

    I’m a Firefox-user myself, but I’m suprised that there’s not more Opera.

    Opera is after all Norwegian, and there are probably at least some norwegian scientists in Antarctica.

    Oh well…

  9. Shadab says:

    Norway is close to the Artic not Antartic !!

  10. mdgx says:

    No other browser is:
    – more compatible with more platforms (OSes)
    – more compliant with W3C current + proposed standards
    – and open source at the same time
    than Firefox.
    Opera, IE, Chrome, Safari and all their variants/skins still need a lot of work.
    Why do you think *all* 12-20 scientists near the South Pole use Firefox (and probably Linux)? Because they are smart enough to realize this is the best and most secure “combo” on the planet.
    Try it, you might like too. ;)

    This *is* funny.