Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi. Download It Now!

By | October 29, 2014

Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi. Download It Now!But is it worth the investment?

In the effort to expand its Firefox OS platform, it looks like Mozilla is looking to ports the very same software to Raspberry PI, a small single board computer that can be bought for as low as $25.

According to the open source organization, there will also be a 2015 FX OS Challenge where developers will be able show what have they been working on, more details to follow. As far as the development phases go, no specific timelines and all we have is a 2015 date.

So the next question then is… What if you are rocking a RPI PC already? Then good news, as Mozilla has released the demo version of the OS called Foxberry Pi, which you can download from the links below, and keep in mind, it is really a demo version with no long term support plan or anything of that kind,

Foxberry Pi Demo

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