Firefox Metro Status Update

By | April 30, 2012

Firefox Metro Status Update

It looks like Mozilla continues to work on the Metro version of Firefox. Just weeks ago, we posted a couple of pretty bad looking screenshots and according to the Firefox’s programmer, Brian Bondy, there’ve been quite a few changes since then.

First of all, Firefox Metro now supports a soft keyboard and XAML interop, which, according to Brian, “will enable Mozilla to overlay XAML controls on top of the XUL/HTML rendered DirectX surface”.

In addition to that, you can now pin secondary tiles, just like in the Internet Explorer 10, allowing you to have as many favorite starts on the start screen as you want.

However, those who desire a neat looking interface will not be disappointed as well, as team behind Firefox Metro will shift its focus towards the UI.

Those are the only changes so far. We will keep you updated.

[Picture Source: Tested]

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