Firefox Metro Coming In September

By | August 17, 2012 | 9 Comments

Firefox Metro Coming In SeptemberThe final version might miss the Windows 8 launch window.

Good news, following the recent RTM release of the Windows 8, Mozilla has announced that they too will be publishing the preview build of the Firefox Modern (formerly known as Metro) web browser sometime in September.

However, it looks like the open source organization is not fully committed to the platform. According to Brian Bondy, one of the programmers behind it, the Beta version of the Firefox for Windows 8 will only be released in the fourth quarter of 2012, putting it dangerously close to the public release of the Windows 8 itself.

Whether or not Mozilla will manage to put the final bits and pieces and release the polished version of its web browser for Windows 8 before October 26, it remains to be seen.

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  • Przemysław Lib

    I was going to write, that MS did not went out of their way to make developing alternative browsers, but then I have changed my mind.

    How big Win8 can be in its first Q out in the world? And than how bigg Win8 Modern will be? (or whatever MS call Metro today).

    There is also one more thing. Win8 will be spearheaded by early adopters. They are usually more tech aware than most. So they will check which desktop environment offer better browsing experience. And since JS JIT will not be available for “Modern” …
    (And even if MS will make JS fast enough to be competitive it will not be for long …)

    • Hiram

      Only Windows RT (Windows on ARM) is restricted from using the Win32 API. The x86 version of Windows 8 does not have this restriction, so developers can access both the WinRT and the Win32 API’s.

      • Hiram

        I’ll rephrase my first sentence: Third-party developers are restricted from using the Win32 API on Windows RT.


      I believe Ballmer said that there will be about 400 million new PC’s in 2013

      Some analyst predicted 150 million tablet sales, not sure what chunk of that MS will own, but considering Christmas, ~50 million new Windows 8 users by the end of 2012 does sound reasonable.

      • Asknobody

        Maybe 50 mln Windows 8 but not 50 mln using Metro. Browsers in Metro sucks big time.

        • Hiram

          What do you mean?

          • Asknobody

            Have you used Metro version of IE? Horrible. Crippled and dumbed down for kids

          • Hiram

            I have, actually, although I haven’t used it long enough to form any sort of strong opinion about it. It seems fairly decent for a touch-centric browser. Care to elaborate on the crippled part?

  • Prevacator

    Hopefully a more stable version will be out in time for the launch of the Surface Pro.