Firefox For iPhone Is Coming Soon

By | May 26, 2015

Firefox For iPhone Is Coming SoonWell, that did not take that long.

Back in December, we have reported that Mozilla has finally recognized the importance of iOS and began working on a Firefox web browser for iPhone and iPad.

Now, it looks like the open source organization is ready to share it with the rest of the world. According to a new job listing (where Mozilla is looking for a talented product manager for Firefox Mobile), “a new Firefox for iOS application arriving soon”.

Now whether or not Firefox for iPad will also come at the same time remains to be seen, Mozilla’s Release Manager, Lukas Blakk, has already stated that Firefox is going to be where their users are, which could also mean that a Windows Phone version will be or was at least considered. However, judging by the fact that Microsoft is struggling to get any significant traction with its mobile OS, don’t expect it anytime soon if ever.

[Via: Mozilla, ComputerWorld]

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