Firefox For Android Honeycomb Makes Its Debut

By | September 15, 2011 | 12 Comments

Firefox For Android Honeycomb Makes A Debut

A couple of days ago, Mozilla has released its first nightly build of Firefox Mobile (Fennec) for Android tablets, which according to developers has reached a functional stage and is good enough for collecting the feedback.

With the continuous Android growth, Mozilla is betting big on the Google’s mobile platform to keep Firefox momentum going. As far as Windows Phone goes, it’s unlikely to receive attention from Mozilla anytime soon.


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  • Anonymous

    Mozilla did develop for Windows Phone until MS announced that it would be closed ecosystem, like iOS. Unless MS changes the policy we will not get any alternatives to the default browser on Win phone.

    But, hey, Apple gets away with being anti-competitive, so why not MS?

    • Vygantas Lipskas
      • Anonymous

        Other browsers will be allowed onboard “if the market demands it…” according to that source. But the only way to prove such a thing is to allow them on board and see if they get any downloads…

        • Mikah

          Opera had the same problem with Opera Mini on the iPhone , some clever marketing  is whats needed. 

          • Anonymous

            Opera Mini on iPhone is only on there because it’s not a browser, it’s a viewer of REMOTELY  severside rendered webpages.

            This is why Opera Mobile is NOT allowed on iPhone (and likely Windows Phone 7, if anyone were dumb enough to buy one), because it’s a full-blown browser.

          • Mikah

            Opera call it a web browser as does Wikipedia , all web pages are remote the only difference is the Opera servers. If you use Opera turbo with your desktop browser does it stop being a browser & turn into a viewer ?

          • Rafael

            Nope, it was used to be called of “microbrowser”, now HTML transcoder, but it’s just a term, the functionality is analyzed not the name.

  • Rafael

    I wish a had a mobile device to test and analyze these different browsers that exist on mobile.