Firefox Extensions Won’t Download

By | September 29, 2011 | 7 Comments

Ain’t I lucky? I decided to do an absolutely fresh installation of Firefox 7 and would obviously have to reinstall my extensions and skins. The thing is, none of the extensions will download. This is making me sad, as Firefox has got some excellent extensions. Let’s hope that Mozilla fixes the issue soon as it has been several hours now. Click the image to witness my misery!

Update: Check Wicket’s link below for further clarification. Thanks, Wicket.

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  • Wicket

    Mozilla stopped distributing the Update until the fix will be delivered with Version 7.0.1.

    • Scorpion3003

      FF Version 7.0.1 is out now, that fixes that problem.

  • Armin

    Why can I download extensions just fine in Ubuntu? It’s not a problem pertaining specifically to Windows, is it?

  • Vygantas Lipskas

    The solution is simple… We kill the Batman

    • Anonymous

       If it’s so simple, why haven’t you done it already?

      • Vygantas Lipskas

        Haha! Well played.

  • Armin

    Ever since 7.01 came along, Firefox has begun to freeze randomly for a few seconds at a time again. Firefox 7 was great. Firefox 7.01 is annoying me. This is only happening to me on Windows 7 as well. Firefox 7.01 runs fine in Ubuntu 11.04.