Firefox Crashing in Ubuntu?

By | May 4, 2010

Firefox Crashing in Ubuntu?Giorgio, the author of popular NoScript add-on for Firefox has warned its users that extension usage in Ubuntu 10.04 may cause crashes.

Although recently discovered bug should be fixed in the next Ubuntu update, developer suggests running the following command in your terminal for an immediate solution:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bryceharrington/purple && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade


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  1. Ċ½ilvinas says:

    Yesterday just tested Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox seems to be so slow on it. It got the lowest scores compared with Mac Os X Snow Leo and Windows 7 for me in the same computer.

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      This seems to be a interesting benchmark it seems, running 3 different OSes on the same computer and test the speed of browsers in all these.

      • Ċ½ilvinas says:

        Well, Now at the moment running only one(Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 + myHack). But as I remember, Firefox 3.6.3 in Windows 7 X64 scored about ~3000 in peacekeeper, in MAc OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 scored ~2900, while in Ubuntu 10.04 it scored only ~1800.

  2. Foo says:

    It’s X11 that’s crashing, not Firefox.

    Either way, it’s users getting what they deserve when they use the worst dist available.

    • nobody says:

      what other user friendly dist is there? or you just wanted to sound like know-it-all elite prick?

      ubuntu still sucks for novice user, or for users that do not want to waste time making things work. but it is the best desktop linux available.

      given that, installing a software from ‘ubuntu package’ from private, non supported depo, takes so much f.. work, that i really know why apple is earning so much money.

      this system will never catch up as a desktop system, deveopers clearly do not want to let go elitist attitude and still do not understand ‘user experience’ importance.

      • Cool, you do not like Ubuntu; thank you for that wonderful knowledge, oh gracious educator. Please open a blog full of rants instead of writing them here.

      • RamaSubbu SK says:

        For me its not Ubuntu, its Linux. The limitation of applications in linux. I will immediately switch to Linux for my home PC if I have following applications
        (1) Yahoo/Live!Messenger with Video Chat, File Sharing & Photo Sharing.
        (2) Zune software for Linux.

        • Foo says:

          I don’t have a webcam, but from what I remember Kopete, Empathy or aMSN should work just fine.
          Photo sharing?

          I can’t understand why you would buy a Zune, even less an i* though. Zune uses MTP, a proprietary closed format created by Microsoft for the single purpose of not allowing you to use another OS.
          I have a hard time seeing any Linux hackers buying a Zune, so unless Microsoft suddenly decides to open up the format you won’t be seeing any implementations for years.

          • RamaSubbu SK says:

            Thanks a lot, seems like aMSN does support WebCam. I will try out in my free time. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
            As of today, Zune HD is much better than iPod touch in Media experience. Thats why I buy Zune HD.

          • Foo says:

            No problem.
            “Zune HD is much better than iPod” is basically what I meant with “even less an i* though” :)
            Still, I recommend looking into getting a more “open” device the next time you upgrade, which would give you more control and choices in many ways.

            I personally recommend getting an Android if you ever need a new phone. That way you’ll get a good music player and a phone in one, among other things. Only downside, in my opinion, is that there’s still no support for FLAC for whatever reason :-/

            By the by, have you tried Virtual Box before? It makes testing other operating systems a walk in the park.

            No sure where I intended to go with this anymore, but hopefully there’s at least some bits of useful information in there :P

          • RamaSubbu SK says:

            I agree, If I want to hack or add any new feature of my own to a media player I should buy some open portable media player(PMP). Otherwise, I can buy again. I think, whether there is one like that or not.

            I don’t like the smart phones like WM7, Andriod, iPhone,..etc. B’coz I have to buy with data plan and also I get less storage when compared to PMP.

          • Foo says:

            Well, there’s also the possibility of others adding functionality. Still, it’s enough if the player uses an open standard for file transfer/music database management for it to allow for more freedom, for a lack of better words.

            @”data plan”
            Oops, I always forget that it’s not much of an option in some countries, sorry.

            @”less storage”
            This is very much something that depends on the user. Personally I find 8GB to be enough, so I have never thought too much about it. A miniSDHC at 16GB for ~400SEK (52USD) or 32GB for 1000SEK (131USD) is pretty pricey too and still doesn’t get close to most dedicated music players.

      • Foo says:

        “Userfriendliness” have nothing to do with the dist, except during the installation phase. The problem with Ubuntu is that they don’t have rolling releases while still having semi-untested packages.

        I think I had something more on my mind, but I’m too lazy to remember :P