Firefox 5 with Windows 64 Bit Support Coming

By | February 7, 2011 | 13 Comments

Firefox 5 with Windows 64 Bit Support ComingBest news in a decade.

With the release of 64 Bit Adobe Flash Player, there are no more excuses not to develop a native 64 Bit web browser build.

Good news, the upcoming Firefox 5 will indeed offer a 64 Bit flavor on Windows.

In addition, Mozilla’s next generation web browser is also set to introduce the following improvements:

Account Manager
Simple Sharing UI
UI Animation

ETA: 2011.

What are the advantages? See the following post.

Source: Mozilla

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  • sarjoor

    Of course no ETA yet. Let’s see a end-user ready, public release of Firefox 4 first!!!!

    • FavBrowser (Vygantas)

      Looks like it’s coming in 2011.

      • Andylee

        they also said Fx 4 would come in 2010, now they say Fx 5 + Fx 6 + Fx 7 are going to come in 2011… it’s hard to believe :)

  • Shane Bundy

    While FF5 will have 64-bit builds the nightlies already have them (although they’re not updated every night).

  • mr.lutze

    “With the release of 64 Bit Adobe Flash Player, there are no more excuses not to develop a native 64 Bit web browser build.”
    Indeed, next Opera (11.1) version will also have 64-bit build for Windows, so apparently it makes sense.

  • Matthew

    Is a 64-bit browser really that necessary? I mean, really!
    What websites need more than 4GB of RAM? :)

    • Vi.

      Bill Gates “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” in the past :)

      • Matthew

        NO, that doesn’t follow.

        Not unless 4 GB is as inadequate for the job as 640K.

        What’s your next line going to be — we needed a new PC every 3 years in the 80′s and 90′s, so we need a PC just as badly every 3 years today?

        No, because things mature. Sometimes they reach plateaus. For example, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Microsoft had/has to wrest those OSes from our cold, dead hands.

        A PC bought in 2004 would still be quite serviceable today — maybe with a 1 GB RAM upgrade. I know; my wife has one. We’re talking 7 years old! The thing is still plenty fast. Pentium 4 hyperthreading, 1.5 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, DVD reader, etc.

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