Firefox 5 to Receive Huge Performance Improvements

By | April 28, 2011

Firefox 5 to Receive Huge Performance ImprovementsThanks to various tweaks and improvements, the upcoming Firefox 5 release, which is scheduled for the July 2011 release, will see a big jump in performance.

The first in the list are: a new JavaScript compiler codenamed IonMonkey and rendering engine improvements, which should offer a significant performance boost in hardware acceleration and web pages rendering.

According to Mozilla, a new JavaScript interface algorithm that they’ve been working on is already 40% faster than its own TranceMonkey or Google’s Crankshaft.

Furthermore, due to the recent Firefox criticism on heavy memory usage, the new version will have key improvements in this area as well.

Firefox 5 does indeed look promising and we can’t wait to give the Beta version a test drive.

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  1. jrk says:

    Cool, but it seems it is for Firefox 6/7/8…

  2. Nyromith says:

    I would love to use Aurora, and I don’t mind instability, but I afraid it doesn’t have any security guarantees like the main release, and if an exploit will damage my computer Mozilla can just say ‘you’re using an alpha, blame yourself…’

    • magakos says:

      Why, if an exploit damage your computed while running Firefox 4 stable or any stable browser, what will be different? That you can just blame the company? Anyway, of course I get the point.

      I use 6α1 as my default. The stable version 4, there isn’t even installed in my pc.

  3. Theopenning says:

    I use Firefox Nightly with fasterfox plugin = Outstanding

  4. Firefox 5 in July 2011? They jumped the Chrome wagon already it seems. If they keep it like this I’m quite curious of what will be by the end of 2012. Firefox 85 and Chrome 114?

    • Sarjoor says:

      Actually, according to their planned development schedules, by the end of 2012, it should be Firefox 12 (once every quarter) and Chrome 24 (once every six weeks).

  5. Lars Gunther says:

    Adding to what jrk said.

    Mozilla are working on several things and when it comes to perfornance, this is what we will see:

    FFox 5 – small tweaks that will improve some demos dramatically, since they target a specific weakness, but on a whole we won’t see dramatic improvements. 5-25 % perhaps.

    IonMonkey seems to be cool, but it’s way into the future. The architecture has not even been decided yet. Should it replace JägerMonkey or both JM + TraceMonkey. If the latter is replaced, what to do about those loops that really benefit from tracing?

    See bug

    We will, however, see static analysis before that, perhaps in Firefox 6.

    JavaScript improvements that we will see soon in Firefox is a bunch of EcmaScript 6 stuff and better DOM bindings.

    BTW, Mozilla willl also do thourogh rewrite of the graphics layer to replace todays thick wrapper to the GPU libraries (Direct2D/3D and OpenGL) with a thin wrapper. Expect that in alpha version in a few months.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are we not past the micro js benches. Can we get a really nice browsing speeds instead? Or do we need to sit through this “Look my browser is 2ms faster than your browser”, crap

  7. Frisco says:

    They say this kind of crap for years, and it still chokes like crazy or just simply hang.