Firefox 40: Idea Town Is Coming

By | July 28, 2015

Firefox 40: Idea Town Is ComingAugust 11th is the date.

While Microsoft has user voice page, it looks like Mozilla is trying different approach with a new program called “Idea Town”, which will allow Firefox users to test new browser features and give feedback.

As stated in the GitHub page, “Idea Town is an opt-in platform for Firefox that facilitates controlled tests of new, high-visibility products in the general release channel. Idea Town will allow us to make informed and user-tested product decisions quickly and without compromising user privacy or experience.”

So what’s the reasoning behind this project? Basically, Mozilla wants to take risks and push concepts that are whacky or questionable, and thanks to the new program, the open source organization will receive feedback that is critical to the implementation of new ideas.

Firefox 40: Idea Town Is Coming

Firefox’s Idea Town is coming with Firefox 40 later next month. Stay tuned as we report when you will be able to opt in.

[Via: GitHub, TechTimes]

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  1. Gaby2300 says:

    If the feature would come in Firefox 40, it would be already available in the Nightly channel and it’s not so…. it certainly won’t be available next month!