Firefox 40 For Windows 10 Is Here

By | August 17, 2015

Firefox 40 For Windows 10 Is HereWhich changes your default search provider from Bing and adds native Windows 10skin support.

Good news for everyone rocking Firefox and Windows 10 as the latest final release (v40) brings a full support for the latest operating system from Microsoft.

What does that mean? Bigger and bolder design elements and overall streamlined feel that matches the overall look and style of Windows 10. In addition to that, Firefox 40 will reset your Windows 10 taskbar’s search bar from Bing to the search engine of your choice.

As far as other changes go, Mozilla has added a protection against unwanted software downloads, improved scrolling and overall performance for Linux and GNU users, smoother animations and scrolling with hardware vsync for Windows users, less memory usage when scaling JPEG images, suggested sites for a new tab page and few more changes that can be seen on the following page.

Firefox 40 Final

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