Firefox 4 to Have Updated Web Inspector

By | May 20, 2010

Firefox 4 to Have Updated Web Inspector

Back in early days, Firefox used to have a simple DOM Inspector, which was later removed in Firefox 3 and made available as add-on.

Well, for the upcoming Firefox 4 release, Mozilla is planning to bring such tool back and make it a part of web browser again.

While Web Inspector is not intended to replace Firebug, it can be used for basic tasks, such as: elements identification or site structure overview.


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Yeah, it’s not good news for anyone, because the ones who will benefit from this don’t give a damn :P This is basically to make Firefox more welcoming of mainstream web developers that don’t know about Firebug.

    It’s a tiny code too, so it’s not bloat. The patch is like 150KB :P

    • Ichann says:

      So without even trying it out first, you are certain that firebug will reign supreme?

      This will overtime improve and have the firebug features as of default.

      I like the ruler thing.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        Dude, it’s in the nightlies, you can try it out too.

        And the ruler is a mockup, it’s not implemented, and they don’t know if they’re going to implement it.

  2. Dels says:

    soon or later, all web browsers will incorporated web inspector features on their browser, ie, safari, chrome and opera already did this

    • nobody says:

      i seriously doubt that opera will ever have such stuff.

      developer tools are the least important thing for them, and their ‘dragonfly’ is stall in development, lacks basic functionalities, and is inherently wrongly implemented (javascript debugged with javascript? LOL)

      and firefox’ built in tools are a great addition to firebug, not a competition. for a developer EVERY tool counts, even if it has only one percent of functionality over another tool.

      esp. if it is directly hooked into rendering engine itself.

      • nvm says:

        Heard the other day that Dragonfly had more than 100K daily users, and there’s stuff being fixed all the time.

        Looks like you are making a fool of yourself again, nobbie.

      • Dels says:

        “i seriously doubt that opera will ever have such stuff.”
        yes i agree, but at least they failed after they tried, it’s better than nothing, hope it gets more hype when it’s on beta stage.
        using opera 10.54 (webM build), carakan was so great, html 5 + css 3 support were nearly perfect, so dragonfly is a must… let’s see how they shift back their development focus on desktop with Opera 11, since likely they focus more on Opera Mini/Mobile lately (it’s bring biggest revenue after all)

        “and firefox’ built in tools are a great addition to firebug, not a competition”
        soon or later…, i think browser vendors step forward to include most web development features out-of-box, but i hope firebug will do better… (and thats always better things)

      • pneumatyka says:

        Yours first part of a comment is in opposition to the second :P
        If every tool counts for a developer then even dragonfly is important :P

        Besides why not debug Javascript with Javascript – it is common in mature interpreting languages to write language interpreters in that language. So if you can write interpreter in Javascript, why not a debugger then.

  3. nobody says:

    features like?

    latest update to DF was an addition of ‘nice highlightning’ – ie.: fixing something that wasnt needed, instead of implementing something that DF lacks. it was just before 10.50 released.

    previous update was in november and it included nonfunctional net inspector.

    if you knew what you were talking about you’d list these fixed stuff.

    but you dont know shit, so youll continue barking

    ps. oh yeah, recently they’ve fixed their… licence.. as if anyone would like to use this crap

    and that 100k milestone, is as always, from opera, and this fits nicely along their ‘we wont tell you how we measure, but trust us’ strategy.