Firefox 3.6 to Add about:me

By | June 15, 2009

Mozilla Links reports that the next version of Firefox web browser, which will likely be 3.6 is going to feature about:me sprint.

What does it to?
Basically, it will provide user statistics on his frequent visited web pages, average tab load, etc.

As from Mozilla Wiki:

  • Activity stats
    • Hourly/daily/monthly trends
    • Top sites visited
    • Total usage over time
    • Average time on a page
    • How you get to pages (bookmark, link, etc)
  • Tab stats
    • Lifetime
    • Frequency visited
    • Average number of tabs open
    • Information about current tabs
  • Bookmark stats
    • Top used bookmarks
    • Tag cloud for bookmark tags
    • Hourly/daily/monthly trends
  • Extensions


If you would like to see similar stats on your new tab page, feel free to check New Tab King extension.

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