Firefox 3.5 to Receive Tabs Restore Feature Upgrade

By | April 27, 2009

Starting with the upcoming Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, new public releases will feature an upgraded window restore feature.

Besides the regular one, where you can open recently closed tabs, an improvement allows users to reopen few tabs at the same time which will be a great time saver in a certain situations.

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  1. TT says:

    Sometime before Firefox 2, there were APIs in place for handling recently closed windows. The only thing missing at that point was the front-end work to tie it together. But that never happened. Instead, since the code wasn’t even being published for extensions to use, all that was happening is that we were eating memory for no good reason. So the code was taken out late in the 2.0 development cycle.


  2. Grrblt says:

    People still use multiple windows for surfing? lol

  3. mabdul says:

    yeah. I have mostly two windows in oepra open with up to 30 tabs. so I’m switching all the time between the two windows and tabs by keyboard(strg/alt+tab)… why not? the difference between the tabs and windows aren’t so big if using keybord to switching. nd turning off the tab-bar brings more indowsspace(especial on netbooks good!)

  4. Brett Long says:

    I’ve got 250 youtube videos and climbing. Firefox 3.5 without flash sound very appealing. I basically use YouTube Uploading, Dreamweaver for working my web pages, outlook 2003, Nero 7 , itunes and amazon mp3, and Firefox for slashdot, xkcd and news.

    oh, windows xp.

    Any reason I can’t try out firefox 3.5 or would something crash?