Firefox 3.1 New Features

By | June 13, 2008

Some time ago we’ve posted about few upcoming Firefox 3.1 features.
Good news, there are more details about them. According to Mozilla Links post, visual tab switching (CTRL+Tab) and tab searching/filtering will be also added to Firefox 3.1 release.

Check the following screenshots:

Visual Tab Switching
Firefox 3.1 Visual Tab Switching

Tab Searching and Filtering
Firefox 3.1 Tab Filtering

Places will be improved as well. They will integrate downloads history in the Library so you could define smart folders of downloaded files.

Furthermore, it may also receive bulk tagging bookmarks and tag auto complete.

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  1. Exec says:

    There’s an add-on out for Fx3 to test the new tabbing stuff:

    It will also (most likely) support the video tag and all the CSS3 selectors, also text-shadow support has been added. I believe there’s a large chance that box-shadow support will be added too.

    Relevant links:
    box-shadow: (zombie state)

  2. I turned this exact feature off in opera because I like my tabs switching right away. If this is put on a different key than tab switching I’ll use it – otherwise, no.

  3. (wish I could edit) – not this exact, but the one where you can see all.

  4. TLZ says:

    Will there finaly include a sane way to change keyboard shortcuts?