Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha 8 – New Nightly Build (30 Aug 2007)

By | August 30, 2007

FirefoxTried Opera Mini Beta 2 already? It’s time to move on then as there is another nightly build from Firefox team. It’s Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha 8, 30 Aug 2007. There are still many bugs in this version but it’s not a final release, Firefox team is working and trying to fix all of them. Now straight to the point, changelog:


  • [Core:DOM]-support document.element FromPoint(x,y) [All]]
  • [Firefox:Migration]-Importing bookmarks from Opera does not work [Win]
  • [Toolkit:Breakpad Integration]-send time-since-last-crash with crash report [All]
  • [Firefox:Preferences]-Provide access to extension options from app options. [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-New starring, bookmarking and tagging UI [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-append the default bookmarks when first run migration from IE, Opera, Safari, etc. [All]
  • [Core:Layout: Fonts and Text]-“layout.word_select. stop_at_ punctuation” preference no longer works [Lin]
  • [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Pass aExtraState as nsnull to GetFinalState() if not needed [All]
  • [Core:ImageLib]-Can’t “View image” moz-icon: images [Lin]
  • [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Don’t do ARGB->RGBA translation in [Mac]
  • [Toolkit:XRE Startup]-Trunk builds on Mac do not quit from menu after first window is closed [Mac]
  • [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Console warning in nsAccessible: :GetFinalState() appears to be a real bug [All]
  • [Core:Disability Access APIs]-GetARIAState() called twice when we get a state [All]
  • [Other Applications:DOM Inspector]-panel toolbar issues [All]
  • [Firefox:Download Manager]-Downloading files can randomly fail. [Win]
  • [Other Applications:DOM Inspector]-Opening DOM inspector enables accessibility globally [Lin]
  • Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:

  • [Core:Editor]-[FIX]typing text on last line and pressing enter moves cursor below bottom of text box [All]
  • [Core:Widget: Cocoa]- select listboxes have erroneous internal padding [Mac]
  • [Core:DOM]-Dangling pointer in nsXULPDGlobalObject leads to mem corruption/crashes [Win]
  • Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:

  • [Core:XPCOM]-Folder does not open anymore for dragged link [All]
  • [Firefox:General]-Multiple login requests for authentification proxies if sessionstore is enabled [Win]
  • [Firefox:General]-Breakpad doesn’t work [Win]
  • [Firefox:Places]-bookmarks menu dnd indicator not visible if I want to drop an item before a separator [Win]
  • [Other Applications:Reporter]-Reporter should move away from SOAP (Reporter fails to send reports on trunk) [All]
  • [Firefox:Extension/Theme Manager]-Restart button in Installation tab remains grayed out after an update of multiple extensions [Win]
  • [Firefox:Download Manager]-Downloads no longer remember last download directory – always defaults to Downloads [Win]
  • [Firefox:Location Bar and Auto-complete]-Location bar auto-complete hangs after first character is typed; regardless of speed of character input [Win]
  • Download now.

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