Firefox 3 Alpha 8 Released

By | September 20, 2007

Firefox 3 Alpha 8 FinalIt’s finally here. Firefox 3 Alpha 8, and not a “Pre-Alpha” version. This version fixes tons of bugs and introduces some new features, check this changelog for more details:

  • Basic and unpolished UI for starring and tagging pages has been added, as well as a richer Location Bar autocomplete algorithm that matches against page title (see Places UI Plan for more details)
  • Prompt for remembering passwords is no longer a modal dialog
  • Built in malware protection
  • Basic and unpolished UI for indicating richer website identity information has been added
  • Support for web-based protocol handlers, though it doesn’t work in all situations (bug 394483)
  • A new Applications preference panel for configuring handlers for various content types (see bug 377784) has replaced the Download Actions dialog and the Feeds preference panel
  • All Firefox add-ons must now use a secure method for auto-updating (bug 378216 and this guide for more details)
  • Firefox now quits properly (instead of just being killed) when Windows is shut down or restarted (bug 333907)
  • Added support for document.elementFromPoint method (bug 199692)
  • DOMWillOpenModalDialog events are no longer fired by the nsIPrompt implementation (bug 391100)
  • TYPE_PLUGIN has been removed from the Extension Manager code (bug 392140)
  • Check full list of all bugs fixed since Gran Paradiso Alpha 7 here (huge list).
  • Download Firefox 3 Alpha 8 for Windows
    Download Firefox 3 Alpha 8 for Mac OS X
    Download Firefox 3 Alpha 8 for Linux/GTK2

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