Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 Mac Theme Changes

By | October 6, 2009

Firefox 3.7 Mac Theme Changes

Stephen Horlander has posted some of the upcoming Firefox 3.7 Mac theme mock ups for you to see. Also, some early Firefox 4.0 Mac theme concepts. As he says: “One goal of this visual refresh is an increased amount of cross platform consistency where it makes sense.”.

What was changed in Mac version?
Button Shape
Button Texture
Removal of Bookmark Bar Texture
Tab Shape
LocationBar Shape
Hiding the Tab Overflow Icon

Differences from Windows theme:
Back/Foward Arrows
Hanging Tabs
No Icons on the Bookmarks Bar

Some experimental design mock ups
Firefox 3.7 Mac Theme Changes

Firefox 4.0
Firefox 4.0

Firefox 4.0 with small icons enabled
Firefox 4.0


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    That home button in the tab bar is awesome. I have the faviconize tab extension, and I ALWAYS keep my homepage open in a faviconized tab in the leftmost part of my tab bar. It’s pretty cool that they are implementing this by default, or something similar.

  2. Dels says:

    atleast on firefox 4 the mozilla team decided to put the tabs to top and the address bar inside the tabs, which was a nature for tabbed web browser, like Opera and Chrome done

    congratulation, i can’t wait for ff4 release

  3. somebody says:

    Hah, Finally Firefox has decided to put the tabbar on top of the address bar. I remember how Firefox fans used to ridicule Opera for doing that a few year ago. But i also remember Firefox fans for ridiculing that Opera had a cross to close each tab at one time. :-)

  4. Torbjørn Vik Lunde says:

    Definetely an improvement, but GrApple Skins are still much nicer.

    Actually, I think Mozilla should just hire them to do their skins.
    They have a very interesting and clean looking tabs-above-toolbar skin as well.

    Check them out here:

  5. Grant says:

    The thing is, it will stick out like a saw thumb on the mac, it’s non-standard, unless I am missing something being stuck with tiger.

    Progress bar under the tab is a crap idea. When you have too many tabs open it won’t work.

    This is sorely disappointing, look at opera for the way to do it. I want the name of the site in the title bar, not the tab.

    I can pretty much drive opera from the keyboard, it’s tab management is way slicker.

    How about a bookmark to tabs feature, or a way to group tabs. How about a rethink!

    Having said that, I think we’ve probably got into bad habits with all that tabz! Bookmarks are more appropriate, and yet for some reason I don’t use them, instead delegating a site to be read to a tab – what a waste!

    So focus on the preferences, bookmarks and tab management is my message to mozilla. Or do something useful, like a command line interface for firefox. The search bar can go once and for all.

    Looking forward to opera 10.5

  6. Grant says:

    (Sore not saw!)

    Who uses the home button anyway?

  7. jo says:

    How to download this theme?

  8. Correct You says:

    @ Grant : Sore not saw..