Firefox 3.6 to be a Minor Update

By | October 22, 2009

Firefox 3.6 to be a Minor UpdateAccording to Mike Beltzner (Director of Firefox at Mozilla Corporation), the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release will be a “minor update”. At Google groups, he said:

“Firefox 3.6 will be primarily a release with security, stability, speed and capability enhancements, with no visible user interface changes over Firefox 3.5. As such, I think we should consider it as a candidate for a minor update, stretching our definition of what types of updates we can provide using that mechanism,”

Mike states three main factors behind such decision:

– compatibility concerns
– stability and user testing concerns
– logistics and timing concerns

While some users remain confused on why not dub it as 3.5.5, we are more concerned about add-ons and themes compatibility. If Firefox 3.6 is a minor update, it’s still not clear, whether Mozilla will mark Firefox 3.5 extensions as compatible with 3.6, or developers will have to update every single one of them.


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