Firefox 3.6, Now With Hide Menu Bar Option

By | December 30, 2009

Latest Firefox 3.6 Beta release now includes an option to hide menu bar, which will help users to save few pixels of screen space.

If you have menu disabled and want to quickly access it, just hit Alt key and it should appear.


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  1. jr says:

    Actually, Namoroka Alpha 1 has already included this option (bug 456535).

  2. osjan says:

    Interesting, maybe they will include mouse gestures too? And advanced session management, panels, user js, speed dial, etc. :P

    • god_like says:

      Firefox is always copying Opera!
      fuc* you Firefox…

      sorry for the bad language.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        Yeah, thank god for open source ain’t I right? Opera’s really loosing for not going open source on that aspect.

      • Emil Ivanov says:

        By your logic Opera is copying Netscape for creating a browser. And Firefox is a Netscape code, so Firefox is copying Firefox… Good ideas are really good when everybody use them! Nobody will say on user requests “it is implemented somewhere else so we wont do it”.

  3. werwolf says:

    I love Opera as “closed source”. “Open source” is only a fraud marketing strategy.

    • Ryan says:

      How so?

      • Jason says:

        How so?

        99.9% of users are not going to go in to the source files to solve a problem.

        And with a active and dedicated dev team(such as the Opera Team) there is no need for source files to be released, as they have the job well covered on there end and I will wait patiently for a future release.

        • Robin says:

          The advantage of Open-Source is that anyone who isn’t happy with the way a product is going, or sees it stagnate into disuse, can grab a copy of the source, fork it, and start work on a new and better version.
          No matter what the intentions of whoever released the Open-Source software in the first place, this is a whole lot better than having to pin all your hopes on one vendor for that one feature you’ve been wanting.

  4. ‘Okay mom, so click on the tools menu and then go to options. What do you mean you don’t see a tools menu?’

    Minimalism, catering to those who know how to hide critical GUI components any way at the expense of screwing over the majority of users.

    • myName says:

      “Critical GUI components”? What the heck is your mom doing in the Options dialog anyway? If anything, the need for an options dialog displays the lack of intuitive UI design.

      I am not bashing the design of Firefox. I’m just saying that the people who need the Options dialog are, as you poited out, the same people who will know how to get to it, hidden or not.

      And, really, I don’t think your mom is so thick that she is unable to unhide the menu bar with a simple tap on the alt button, provided you explained it to her in your imaginary scenario.

  5. mjo says:

    i dont find this feature in opera,
    how can i hide menu in opera?

    • Somebody says:

      If you are using Opera 10 or 10.10, all you have to do is go to “File” Menu and uncheck the “Show Menu Bar” option.

  6. Maarten says:

    I finally found out why ‘Hide Menubar’ and ‘Personal Menu’ did not hide my menubar anymore :)

  7. Mark says:

    I’m a sys admin and i hate this damn option.

    now people are able to hide the menu bar and the “hide menubar” addon no longer works.

    Nice going morons