Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 Released

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Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 Released
Mozilla has published a very first alpha of Firefox 3.6 (codenamed Namoroka) web browser.

As you might expect for every new release, Firefox 3.6 brings performance improvements in many areas. Not only it offers better sites loading time, but also improves overall responsiveness of web browser as well as quicker startup.

As for other features, Firefox 3.6 now includes tabs preview, improved autocomplete recommendations, new CSS3 properties, better session restore and many more.

Mozilla Links has published a nice sum up of all new features which you might find interesting. You may also see full list of changes in the following page.

Download Firefox 3.6 Alpha
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  • Tiago Sá

    Remember why tab preview was taken off Fx3.5? I don’t know why, but I suspect it wasn’t only because it had bugs…

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      Yep, I remember it was supposed to be in 3.0, then 3.5 and now… 3.6

  • Rafael Luik

    Cool, I didn’t found how to enable these tab previews. -.-
    That’s a completely Opera copy anyway, FF is getting worse on each day…

    • telematros

      The difference is that Firefox’s implementation doesn’t become useless when many tabs are open – which is the exact scenario that you’d need to use the feature.

      • cousin333

        OK, if you say so… But where the hell is it? :)

  • Daniel Hendrycks

    I get sick of them copying everybody, come-on Mozilla it’s your turn to innovate.

    • Daniel Hendrycks

      OK, this is the first time in a few months I downloaded Firefox, I liked two things in FF that are not in Opera.

      1. The address bar is much smarter. E.G. I type in choose opera in Firefox’s bar and it brings me to the choose opera page. If I type that in Opera it brings me to a google search of the page.

      2. It was pretty, I hope the windows native skin for 10 is just as pretty.

      • Grrblt

        You can set your default search engine to the I’m feeling lucky google search to get the same behavior in Opera.

        • Daniel Hendrycks

          Thank you :D

    • Foo

      Uhm, from what I can tell there are no browser who had this integrated before this were available as an extension in Firefox.

      or extensions with similar functionality

      You could probably find a ton more that offers functionality that aren’t/weren’t available in other browsers
      Innovation (for lack of a better word) at its finest I must say.
      The best platform for innovation is the most open one that allows for easy exchange of information.

      Also, Mozilla is so much more than just Firefox

      Not sure where to fit this in, so I’ll just put it here. Backlog of stuff to be implemented.

      • Daniel Hendrycks

        I am talking built in.

        • Foo

          No, you were insinuating that every single feature is a copy when they clearly aren’t. You were also insinuating that there are no innovation in the Mozilla community which is also clearly false.

          Btw, speaking of copying, would you be happy if only one browser supported any of JavaScript, png, scrollbars, links or your feature of choice?

          • Dan

            I did mean by Mozilla themselves, do not say I insinuated something different. If Mozilla’s goal is to make the web better why don’t they think of something first? They also do not give credit to those who thought of it first. E.g. When Asa talks about Weave he never once mention The Opera Link, when you think of something first and get no recognition it makes you mad.

          • nobody

            problem is, that opera link isnt feature complete after one year after its release. it still doesnt sync some essential stuff (like passwords or sessions). you cant demand full recognition for a half-baked product.

            opera has problems with quality and delivering final products. it was you who realised how good firefox ‘awesomo-bar’ (stupid name) is. opera does similar thing – history search etc. but compare how much better firefox’ implementation is. and no doubt why firefox is getting credit. because they deliver quality product. not quality ideas..

          • Foo

            I did mean by Mozilla themselves

            “Mozilla themselves” as in developers paid by Mozilla Corp. or the Mozilla Foundation? So all the code contributed by volunteers doesn’t count when looking at the finalized application?

            do not say I insinuated something different.

            How am I meant to interpret this in relation to the first part of your sentence?

            If Mozilla’s goal is to make the web better why don’t they think of something first?

            Better doesn’t necessarily mean new. Also, you can make things better through evangelism and not just through your products.

            Not sure what you mean with “why don’t they[...]“. Are you asking if they have put up some sort of plan or something else?

            They also do not give credit to those who thought of it first. E.g. When Asa talks about Weave he never once mention The Opera Link, when you think of something first and get no recognition it makes you mad.

            Yeah, because everyone that made something before Opera doesn’t count, right?

            Here’s a quote from Lifehacker’s interview with Mike Beltzner that might help shed some light on who Mozilla is:

            By necessity, then, the people who officially worked for Mozilla chose to consider themselves the same as anyone else who worked on this project, but just had the privilege to spend all their time on it … When we hire a developer, for example, they don’t have check-in rights on the code base. They go through the same process as anybody else. Their code gets reviewed, but it might not be someone inside the company — it might be someone on the outside, who’s already contributed. So when we talk about dealing with those egos and headaches, there’s a system already in place …

            There’s most likely something better I could’ve found, but I don’t really feel like looking around, sorry.

          • Daniel Hendrycks

            I would just like to see Mozilla do the first step some time. I was referring to the Mozilla corp. *Don’t respond*

            And Nobody was right but I’d rather take the half baked cake years before it is fully done. I am guessing around the time the Weave is v1.0 the Opera Link should be upgraded also.*Not emplying the same month, maybe quarter… hopefully*
            But this can be debatable because Opera implements other browser’s features years later also. :( (This not emplying I use Opera only because it innovates, I use it because of many other reasons)

  • Johnson

    why on earth do you want a tab preview? what tard cant remember whats open.

    • Nick

      + 100. I have turned it off in my Opera. But I have no habit to keep dozens of opened tabs, so maybe someone really needs this.

  • Johnson

    Even so, 99% of websites have a cache icon that displays on the tab. Surely they can remember that? Just another resource hogging feature imo.

    • Foo

      Are you talking about the favicon? That is pretty much worthless once you have 300+ tabs open.
      Still I don’t really see much use for previews either. I’d much rather just have the tab search, whether it’s in the tab gallery or in the Awesomebar doesn’t really matter.

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