Firefox 3.6.4 with Crash Protection Released

By | June 23, 2010

Firefox 3.6.4 with Flash Protection Released

Today, Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6.4 web browser.

Fixing a total of 226 bugs, Firefox 3.6.4 also includes a nifty feature called “Crash Protection” (Windows, Linux only) that prevents plugins from crashing whole browser. According to Mozilla wiki, it does that by running Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Silverlight in a separate process called plugin-container.



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  1. metude says:

    This idea was announced by Opera a year ago…
    But Mozilla is keeped his hand more quick than Opera…

    • Ichan says:

      I believe safari had this first before Opera had an idea.

      • Andylee says:

        Also I AM an Opera fan I really have to say that it is of no interest who had the idea first. The important thing is: who was able to poor it into form and release it in a stable build first?
        This time, Firefox scored a point, but until Version 4.0 comes out, they are still THAT far behind….

        • Tiago Sá says:

          No doubt. It will probably only take 5 or 6 months though, so it’s ok.
          And it must be said that plugin isolation isn’t working on Mac. I don’t know if Safari has plugin isolation, but if they do, maybe Mozilla has something to learn from them.
          Good stuff this 3.6.4.

          • mabdul says:

            my gf has a mac ;( ehm and no: safari on mac doesn’t have sandboxing at the moment (s5 doesn’t tested!) –> the good luck of my gf: she doesn’t use many flash-sites! I hate flash, doesn’t matter which browser I’m using!

        • Ichann says:

          Yes ultimately that is what I was hinting at. There are a sht load of ideas floating around that have not yet materilised. What is worse are patents that strive innovation. I simply do not get how someone can patent an idea.

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    IE8 also this similar kind of feature. If a plugins get itself crashed, only that tab will be reloaded without affecting other tabs. IE8 took slightly different solution to the problem.
    It would be good Opera too does this.