Firefox 27 Ditches Adobe Flash Player For Shumway

By | October 4, 2013

Firefox 27 Ditches Adobe Flash Player For ShumwayThe future is now.

If you’ve already downloaded the latest nightly build of Firefox 27 then there’s one additional feature that you can explore. While not enabled by default, Mozilla has included its Adobe Flash Player replacement called “Shumway”, which uses the magical powers of HTML5 to render SWF content without native code assistance.

While it’s still pretty much unusable at this point, you can still enable it by heading to about:config, looking for “shumway.disabled” and setting it to false and disabling Flash in Tools > Add-ons.

Alternatively, you can install the extension by using links below.

Firefox 27 Nightly
Shumway Extension


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  1. Eric says:

    This is a benchmark from way back to show the perf of multiple implementatins like HTML, Canvas, SVG and Flash

    Shumway seems to work for it but it sadly doesn’t show the FPS yet. I’m hopeful and I’m VERY welcome to this sort of project since asm.js should be a pretty decent and reasonably fast SWF JIt.

  2. Just enabled this in UX 27 and works fine in You Tube, saw a couple of movie trailers in HD and it is all ok.