Firefox Released

By | October 19, 2007

Firefox Firefox version is now available to download. Firefox supports a few more languages and includes security as well as other fixes. Here’s the changelog.

  • MFSA 2007-36 URIs with invalid %-encoding mishandled by Windows
  • MFSA 2007-35 XPCNativeWrapper pollution using Script object
  • MFSA 2007-34 Possible file stealing through sftp protocol
  • MFSA 2007-33 XUL pages can hide the window titlebar
  • MFSA 2007-32 File input focus stealing vulnerability
  • MFSA 2007-31 Browser digest authentication request splitting
  • MFSA 2007-30 onUnload Tailgating
  • MFSA 2007-29 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
  • Added Georgian (ka) language
  • Added Romanian (ro) language
  • Added Kurdish (ku) language (beta)
  • Firefox is almost compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), see known issues for more information.

    Download Firefox

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    1. thank
      forever firefox /3/ :)

    2. mabdul says:

      on they said:
      [quote]Bugs fixed for Firefox ~110 in total (~21 crashers, ~12 regressions, ~2 memory leaks, ~2 privacy-related bugs and ~6 that were locked and had no check-in comment.)[/quote]

    3. mabdul says:

      Oh and:
      Seamonkey 1.1.5 is released!

      and if you want to know: firefox3 get new icons :p / better integration in OSes