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By | July 16, 2008

Firefox Firefox 3 is the latest stable release, Mozilla will continue releasing Firefox 2.x branch security updates until mid-December, 2008. This release fixes the following security issues:

Command-line URLs launch multiple tabs when Firefox not running
Remote code execution by overflowing CSS reference counter

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  1. Tiago says:

    Firefox 3.0.1 is also out.

  2. ameo says:

    yeah , but why they keep on updating firefox 2 ?

    isn’t FF3 is good enough to face other browsers ?

  3. mabdul says:

    are you crazy? why is ms updating ie6, win xp and office 2003? there have been new versions already! th companies (and mozilla in this part is a company) say that they support their programs until year/version. that brings security for other companies that want to use this program(s) and they are safe that the don’t need to upgrade/invest in new (computer-)systems until in 5years or so! that is politics and thinking of big companies. and that is the thinking which our economy-system is working on: security until date: XY ^^ (i.e. y2k…)


  4. mabdul says:

    oh and i want to remember that a new post is already there…