Firefox 17 Beta To Include The Social API

By | October 15, 2012

Firefox 17 Beta To Include The Social APIWants to make your life easier.

After a bumpy Firefox 16 Final release, Mozilla has decided to reveal one of the upcoming Firefox 17 features: the social API.

While the company was not keen on sharing exactly what they plan to do with the API, a blog post informed that it might function in a Flock like fashion or as they put it, “As services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends and family anywhere you go on the Web without having to open a new Web page or switch between tabs. You can stay connected to your favorite social network even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game,”.

Interestingly enough, a social web browser Flock is also making a comeback, however, we are not sure when and how.

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  1. sarjoor says:

    Don’t you mean function in a RockMelt like fashion?

  2. tomkaten says:

    Noooooo ! That would just put the final nail in Firefox’s coffin for me.

    Why does everyone assume we’re all retarded and can’t browse to a site and login ? This will make some lazy asses very happy and a lot of normal people very angry. I’m with the second pack.

    • Hiram says:

      On what are you basing your assumption that they assume that “we’re all retarded and can’t browse to a site and login”? On fuck all I’m guessing. And how is giving “normal” people the option of having convenient access to social networking without needing to go to an external website going to make them very angry? Sounds to me like we have very different definitions of what constitutes normality.

      • tomkaten says:

        You said fuck all, I just said I’m with the “screw this useless bloat” crowd.

        There are addons right now that give you what you want, but maybe some of us don’t like to see g+, like this and tweet that buttons everywhere we go.

        If I want to post something to FB, i just copy the damn thing, go to FB and paste it. I know it sounds old school, but we’re not all brainwashed yet.

        • And Im pretty sure it will come disabled/unconfigured by default, and not a single soul will care about your mental barriers, besides nobody will put a gun in your head and force you to use, nor to mention where will a somewhat easy way to disable it completely.

      • Agreed, its normal people who will welcome easy things, freakies will complain anyway.

  3. Guesty Guest says:

    Has anybody thought that you may be able to customise the UI (as you can do right now with Fx 16) and in less than a minute you can get rid of any buttons and toolbars that you don’t want. As long as Fx doesn’t lose the ability to customise the UI, I don’t care what the default option is.

  4. max1c says:

    O, hi facebook browser.

  5. Conroy says:

    This is bullshit. It should be like an official addon, not integrated into the browser. I’m using Palemoon, because it really is faster, but when this becomes official in Firefox, and if it goes into Palemoon, I’m going Chrome.

    • SlashZaku says:

      This is Palemoon’s stance on it:

      Social integration: As mentioned before, this is not part of Pale
      Moon’s goals – in addition, the list of integrated social services will
      probably be very short, and biased towards “the big few”, further
      snowing under less mainstream alternatives. If people want extra social
      UI buttons, they can make their own choice in the plethora of social
      add-ons, so this does not belong in the core.

      • tomkaten says:

        Thanks, didn’t know that. I’m a former Palemoon user and have always loved it, but I switched back to Fx mainly because it was getting patches faster and the speed difference wasn’t there anymore.

        Still, I applaud their stance and will probably reinstall it when 17 goes live.