Eyes On The Xbox 360 Web Browser

By | June 6, 2012

Eyes On The Xbox 360 Web BrowserMeet the Internet Explorer.

As previously reported, Microsoft has given us a small sneak peak at the upcoming Xbox web browser, which not only utilizes Kinect, but also a new technology called SmartGlass.

So what is SmartGlass? A nightmare for the WiiU and a game changer for the software giant.

In short, you won’t need a controller when browsing the web, just grab your phone (Windows Phone, iPhone or Android) or any tablet and that’s pretty much you, type URLs on your handheld device or use Kinect Voice to access web pages.

Does not make any sense? Well, we urge you to watch the presentation below to get the idea.

Finally, a TV web browser that is fun to use.

What do you think?

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  1. MicrosoftShill says:


    Kinect was a gimmick too.

    • Firefoxer says:


    • You must have never watched any Kinect hack videos then.

      Here is the latest innovation that helps fellow human beings


      It’s a life changing technology, which goes beyond kinectimals and other crap.

      • MicrosoftShill says:

        Clearly someone that’s easilly fooled.   This is all just a distraction from the fact that Kinect GAMES (you know what it was designed to do) all suck really badly.

        Microsoft are masters at creating this spin bullshit, and you sir have been sucked in…

      • jayjam says:

        So you have to hack Kinect to do anything useful?

        And that last article.. maybe Kinect changed medicine, but it sure didn’t affect gaming. At all. It is a gaming failure so far.

    • Ichann says:

      Why does every guy that hasnt tried kinect or have an xbox bad mouth it?

      It is like a good eye-toy. It helps people whom are gaming illertrate play games with others.

      Do you know how easy it is to teach someone to play the kinect? Why? Because they already know all the controls. They should. It has been apart of them for all their lives. Kinect : “You are the controller”

      • MicrosoftShill says:

        I had one, bought it 2nd hand, but discovered the games were all the same, “jump and wave” and not very accurate at that either…

        Sold it soon afterwards to some other mug desperate to believe the promise.

      • jayjam says:

        People who are “gaming illiterate” will play Wii games.

  2. Carl Draper says:

      I look forward to hearing about Xbox 360s being hacked through IE exploits :D

  3. Martin Suchan says:

    Still thinking why IE9 and not IE10 – it’s almost ready for Windows 8

  4. Nice works. Xbox 360 web browser can be useful.

  5. Ichann says:

    Finally. Please Please Please have flash installed. Please.

  6. jayjam says:

    I think I’ll keep browsing on my PC, thankyouverymuch.

    I thought game consoles were for gaming, not for gimmicks :(