Exclusive: Opera 10 Beta Screenshots + Download Links

By | June 2, 2009

With Opera 10 Beta release tomorrow, we have something special for you, from Daniel Hendrycks. Enjoy!

Opera 10 Setup

Opera 10

Opera 10

Opera 10 Tabs

Opera 10 Speed Dial

Opera 10 Speed Dial

Opera 10 Windows 7

Windows version
Mac OS X version
Linux version (built for x86, x86-x64, ppc)
Solaris version (built for Intel and Sparc)
FreeBSD version (built for amd64 and Intel)


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  1. Golden Boy says:

    2 new features? That’s it?

  2. Grrblt says:

    That’s probably not it, but I guess it’s hard to tell until a changelog comes out.

  3. This is not official, more features may be released with the official Beta. That is if Beta is released tomorrow.

  4. nobody says:

    Woooooooooow :/

    so the secret features were equal to two small firefox extensions? i’m seriously impressed.

    maybe it is time to admit, that sticking to ‘no-extensions model’ leads to a obsolete product, that does not excel in anything?

  5. Kyle says:

    Opera introduced the speed dial, not Firefox. And the extension for Firefox isn’t as good as the built-in feature in Opera. There are many of us who don’t feel like downloading 20+ extensions (further bloating an already memory-hogging application) to get the features we want, we rather just download a small application and go (and still be faster at loading, rendering, and resource usage). Opera 10 has a lot more features that customizing the Speed Dial, this is one of many, many things.

  6. heh says:

    “so the secret features were equal to two small firefox extensions?”

    Nope. Pay attention.

    Why do you keep obsessing over Opera 24/7 anyway?

  7. stefek says:

    Internet Explorer 8.0.7137.0
    Opera 9.64 Build 10487
    Firefox 3.0.10

    5xTabs with 5 different random sites, same thing in every browser


  8. Rex says:

    Can someone explain the earth shattering new features for me? Cause I don’t get how this is so much better.