Download Windows 8 With IE10 Platform Preview 5

By | February 29, 2012

The fifth platform preview of the Internet Explorer 10 is now available in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250).

So what’s new?

We are not exactly sure as the official IE10 announcement blog post does not say anything other than: performance and HTML5 improvements.

In case you are eager to test the new UI for the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, there isn’t one as it still relies on the old design elements.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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  1. I am NoBody! says:

    Another lame attempt by Microsoft to get people to try out WindoZe 8, that’s all there is in it!

    • Guest says:

      This demo shows IE works better & faster in the complete end-to-end scenario when compared to other browsers. This post is about IE only. I see IE is doing great job here. If you see that it is not, kindly post a article here.

      • I am Nobody! says:

        Does it really? I assume you have seen post Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) vs. Google Chrome 17 vs. Firefox 10 vs. Opera 11.60

        Is it completely inconceivable to you and Hector that the reason why it has been 8 month ago since the last Wn 7 preview release is in order to create “positive preferences” towards WindoZe 8 and since you are testing IE10, anyway, help “motivating…” you to upgrade? For that you would need to downplay win 7…
        preferences” towards WindoZe 8 and since you are testing IE10, anyway, help “motivating…” you to upgrade? For that you would need to downplay win 7…

    • Completely nonsense to think that Win8 is all about IE.

  2. apád anyád says:

    Just tried with FF Nightly, and I had no problems with any of those. Stable 60 fps without any hangs.

    Also, I have a feeling they used a non-hardware accelerated Chrome for the tests.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      Chrome isn’t fully hardware accelerated yet anyway so it wouldn’t have made much difference. (That’s not particularly fair because I’m not a fan of Chrome, but I know it’s not fully HWA yet.)

      • apád anyád says:

        Seems like I remembered incorrectly. I thought Chrome 17 was released with full HWA for css and html (expanding the formerly added partial HWA in Chrome 12). Thanks for correcting me.

    • Guest says:

      Good to know that FireFox (FF) also rocks in these demo. Only Opera , Chrome & Safari are pending. 

      • Shane Bundy says:

        The strange thing is this: Opera doesn’t work with some of these yet (when they do they’re slow), Firefox works on all but works slowly as well while Chrome works quite fast on all of them (w/o HWA). I haven’t tried IE or Safari (but I know Safari will be slow on Windows).