Download Vivaldi Beta

By | November 4, 2015

Download Vivaldi Beta

After numerous builds (over 50) and release candidates, the team behind classic Opera web browser has just pushed the very first beta of Vivaldi.

While there are many new features and improvements, the most important fix, at least for Windows 10 users, is the actual ability to run the web browser without relying on command line tricks.

As far as usability features go, there are just too many of them!

For example, technical preview 4 alone brought startup options, UI zoom, task manager, pinned tabs, color schemes and more.

And here is what is new in Beta 1:

– Web-panels
– Chromeless UI
– Tabs visual navigation
– Private window
– Page loading progress indicator
– Typed history list
– Smooth scrolling
– Geolocation support
– HTML5 h.264 support
– Full Extensions support


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  1. LAMBDA471 says:

    It’s getting there, but it’s still rather slow for me.

  2. Maxim says:

    Eh. Looks ok but feels laggy. Still has an awful outdated download manager. Still no sync, and can’t toggle between 2 tabs. Can’t even create a new window by dragging the tab out. The only 2 features that I am mildly interested in are “Page theme color” and “Tab Stacking”. Other than that this browser feels like it’s still stuck in 2010. Hopefully, they can improve.

  3. Pedro Henrique Saldanha says:

    Hmmmm chromium? No thanks