Download Sleipnir 3, A Full Screen Web Browser

By | February 7, 2012

Download Sleipnir 3, A Full Screen Web Browser

Available for Windows and Mac.

In a world of bleak new web browsers, here is something slightly different: a web browser that focuses on a full screen experience.

Initially launched back in 2004, Sleipnir appears to be quite popular among Japanese, or at least was, according to few reports it had 6% market share in 2006 and 9% in 2008.

In addition to that, it’s included in the browser ballot screen and even works with Windows 98.

Speaking of the web browser itself, Sleipnir 3 users can switch between IE’s and Firefox’s rendering engines, use mouse gestures, synchronize data, enjoy HTML5, etc. Features that are pretty much expected in today’s web browsers.

However, as we said, it focuses on a full screen experience and as you can see from the screenshot below, it’s pretty sweet.

Download Sleipnir 3, A Full Screen Web Browser

By combining the address bar, navigation panel, mouse gestures and minimized thumbnails, Sleipnir 3 feels more like an app instead of a Windows or Mac OS application. Whether or not those features are enough to make you switch, it’s up to you.

And in case you are using Windows Phone, Android or iOS, there is a mobile version as well.

If you are curious enough to try Sleipnir, here is a link to full presentation and download links below.

PDF Presentation

Sleipnir 3 for Windows and Mac

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  1. Tiago Sá says:




    More and more the web is the web and apps are apps. Apps are about integration and the web is about browsing. If you want to make the web like apps, make it about integration too (like IE8 tried to do, and like IE9 kept on doing). Not about full screen that wastes space for other stuff and decreases functionality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yawn always the same thing with you.

      “Me caveman. Do not want fire.”  

      “I am a windows users. Do not want a mac.”

      “I am scared of change and will reject it indefinitely.”

  2. Guest says:

    this looks so cool going to try it thank you :)

  3. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    All browsers have full browsing press F11 Key. 

  4. Martin Suchan says:

    ACID3 and HTML5 score, anybody? Or are they using WebKit or something already working?

  5. Saex Conroy says:

    sleipnir isnt worth it, its worse than internet explorer

  6. Anonymous says:

    After using it this is what I think.

    I thought I was installing firefox.  The installation is the same.

    I did not car for the bloated IE look.

    Once I switched to fullscreen, fenrir felt like IE 10 albeit a little less polished.

    They need to apply the fullscreen metaphor to their windowed mode.

    Can someone please test raven for mac.

    I have had my eye on it for sometime now. It looks like Opera

  7. 1234-- FF UX is the BEST! says:

    Do u think it will be easy to switch between windows.. its full screen..

  8. Max Renn says:

    No thanks. F11 is easier.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s kind of creepy that Sleipnir 3 in Gecko-mode is detected as Firefox 3.6.24.