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By | April 14, 2011

Followed by the very first release of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has also announced the availability of the Silverlight 5 Beta.

According to the press release, Silverlight 5 aims to bring a lot of new features improvements to the table, from 64 bit operating systems support to hardware acceleration and text enhancements.

Some of the changes

– Hardware Decode and presentation of H.264 improve performance for lower-power devices to render high-definition video using GPU support.
– TrickPlay allows video to be played at different speeds and supports fast-forward and rewind. At up to twice the speed, audio pitch correction allows users to watch videos while preserving a normal audio pitch.
– Improved power awareness prevents the screen saver from being shown while watching video and allows the computer to sleep when video is not active.
– Remote-control support allows users to control media playback.
– Digital rights management advancements allow seamless switching between DRM media sources.

– Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated 3-D application programming interface (API) provides rich graphics on the Web for building advanced data visualizations and rich user experience (UI).
– Immediate mode graphics API allows direct rendering to the GPU.
– Hardware acceleration is enabled in windowless mode with Internet Explorer 9.

More features.


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  1. Quest says:

    Who use shiver right in these days?

    • Rudi Visser says:

      Most people with an enterprise interest and a brain.

      • Quest says:

        Looks like nobody have adopted “enterprise interest” of microsoft and a manipulated brain from Ballmer. Maybe… Except you.

        • Rudi Visser says:

          Are you blind?? There are thousands of great Silverlight applications out there both for the Web, Desktop and Phone.

          Take Sky Player as a good example, how many people do you think use that?? If that’s not a great example of an SL app I don’t know what is… Then we have most of the Windows Phone apps that use Silverlight… Then on top of that we have the much more commercial applications, some of which were demonstrated in the keynote video on this article.

          I have a feeling you’re one of those people that thinks Silverlight was intended as a replacement for Flash, lol :-)

          • Quest says:

            Nobody use this on phone compared to the flash or html5 appliations.

            “I have a feeling you’re one of those people that thinks Silverlight was intended as a replacement for Flash, lol :-)”

            Then what is the point if not this? They often compare this with flash, so don’t mind. I take piss on those “thousands of great Silverlight applications”. Oh i cannot, because they don’t exist. I only know one site (except ms) who use it and can (but actually not) be important for me. Don’t mind, the html5 will kill this one fail with the flash too.

          • Rudi Visser says:

            “Nobody use this on phone compared to the flash or html5 appliations.”
            You’re missing the point I was trying to make, Silverlight is half of the application development tools for Windows Phone

            I don’t even see why you’re comparing Silverlight to HTML5, Silverlight’s a development platform for RIAs, not websites.

  2. Celerone says:

    Flash is getting too good, and now M$ and Apple decided to block that success.

    Flash->Silverlight->Html5 hijacking