Download Opera Mobile 12 And Opera Mini Next

By | February 28, 2012

Download Opera Mobile 12 And Opera Mini Next

With the release of Google Chrome web browser for Android, it looks like Opera has been cooking a couple of surprises of their own.

First in the list is Opera Mobile 12, which has a plateau of new features, including a Ragnarök HTML5 parser that should improve the overall sites compatibility and bring better web apps to the table. Following other mobile browsers, Opera Mobile 12 for Android now also includes a WebGL support, a feature originally seen in Firefox Mobile in early 2011. What else is new?

Opera Mobile 12 Changelog

New Features

– Support for more than 9 speed dials
– WebGL support (Android only)
– HTML5 Camera (Android 2.1+ only)
– HTML5 Device Orientation
– HTML5 parser (Ragnarök)
– Android Beam support (NFC)
– Added Flash support on Android 4.0.3
– RTL text support in UI
– Turkish, Arabic, and Farsi translation
– Support for Russian input in Opera VK (S60 only)
– Quick access to URL/search from Symbian status bar (S60 5.0 and Symbian^3)

Following similar feature list as Opera Mobile 12, Opera Mini Next, which is a preview version for what’s next for Opera Mini, includes a support for more than 9 speed dials, improved RTL text rendering and more.

Opera Mini Next Changelog

– Added Smart Page with social integration
– Support for more than 9 speed dials
– Much improved RTL text rendering
– Fixed an issue where it was not possible to get a context menu for an URL text input field
– Last character of a long word was missing when input was done
– Auto update support
– Splash screen optimizations
– General stability fixes
– Translations for Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew
– Support for Russian input in Opera VK (S60 only)
– Quick access to URL/search from Symbian status bar (S60 5.0 and Symbian^3)

For a complete list of changes on both platforms and known issues, check the following posts.

Opera Mobile 12
Opera Mini Next

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    How are you finding it? I particularly like the in-browser camera support of Opera Mobile and the infinite Speed Dial. :3

    • I am on a Windows Phone now, so can’t really test it and will probably never will, unless they bring it to WP platform.

      However, minus the tabs interface and a lack of few features, I do enjoy IE9 Mobile (with Desktop referrer) a lot, it’s really smooth and with 0 compatibility issues :)

      • Shane Bundy says:

        I never used to like IE much before, but after IE9 was announced I got excited. IE9 brought a lot to the table and although it’s getting behind now (since other browsers are improving) IE10 is looking really good. In fact there’s some standards support in it not seen in other browsers.

        The beta will have a lot going for it. I, for one, will try it, beat it up with benchmarks and maybe I might enjoy it.