Download Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android

By | November 9, 2010

Download Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android

As promised last week, Opera Software has released a beta version of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Android.

Just as you expect from Opera Mobile, it includes a dozen of well know features, such as: Speed Dials, Visual Tabs, Opera Turbo, Password Manager and much more.

Known issues
Incorrect fonts used for some Asian characters (Japanese not working)
Some compatibility issues with some Google services (working with Google on that)
Web fonts disabled


Thanks, Armin.

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  1. nobody says:

    i really hoped for it to be THE mobile browser on android and i got back to mini

    it is slower than mini, visibly slower

    and yet it does not offer really anything new compared to mini. my bank does not work in it, my webmail does not work in it.. got feed up, uninstalled (tested on g1, desire and nexus one, all 2.2 stock or cyanogen’ed)

    “vSome compatibility issues with some Google services (working with Google on that)”

    will never get fixed, only opera cares

    • Andylee says:

      regarding the speed (cannot talk about the rest as I don’t use any of the two) Opera Mobile ought to be about as fast as Opera Mini when used with Turbo. Without turbo it is _of course_ slower because all the compression stuff Mini (or Turbo) does is gone.

      This would be an explanation for me.

      • Ichann says:

        Thats great and all but is Opera going to introcuce servers outside of Europe? I mean I am in fricken Australia. Yeah. My traffic has to travel through the sea and shit before it reaches this country.

    • Crackerflack says:

      Of course it’s slower than Mini. Everything is slower than Mini. Mini does 90% compression after all.

      The rest of your comment can just be ignored as always, because it’s just another anti-Opera rant full of lies.

    • nvm says:

      Nobbie doesn’t even know the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Hilarious!

      I’ll stick with the stock Android browser, though.

  2. Paulius says:

    Nice pic;]

  3. Mark says:

    Excellent stuff. WAY better than the included Android browser, even in beta. Works with all the sites I tried it with.

    There is clearly room for improvements, but it’s a million times further forward than that embarrassment that Firefox on Android is.