Download Opera Mini 7.5.1 For Android

By | November 15, 2012

Download Opera Mini 7.5.1 For AndroidIf Opera Mobile is not exactly your cup of tea then there is another option to consider: Opera Mini.

Just recently, Norwegian browser maker has released a small update, which aims to improve the overall user experience. So what’s new? The following build improves NFC support, connection stability as well as offers various stabilization fixes and page layout enhancements. Grab it now.

Opera Mini 7.5.1 for Android

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  1. Lawrence Botha says:

    It STILL doesn’t support border-radius?!

    I don’t understand why Opera Mini is even offered on Android.

    • I love using Opera mini on my nexus 7, I find it considerably smother than Opera mobile.

    • Andylee_Sato says:

      Opera Mini is _not_ the browser Opera recommends for Smartphones. Anyway, there are cheap Android phones that do work better with a low-end-browser like Opera Mini than with a full Smartphone-Browser like Opera Mobile.

      • The Nexus 7 is hardly a cheap low-end android smart phone – its a high quality quad-core 7-inch tablet running android 4.2. Opera mini just seems to work better when causally browsing the net. I choose to use Chrome when and if I require anything more.

    • greench says:

      Its cost is so high that a feature-phone cannot handle it. ;) You can use Opera Mobile for full web experience.

      • Yes, that’s right, it cant “handle” Opera mobile – My nexus 7 can run chrome and firefox mobile, as well as other more intensive android applications, but Opera mobile.. well, that’s in a whole league of its own. No. Opera mobile is useless and laggy, and that is why I don’t use it.

        • greench says:

          border-radius is part of render engine and it is supported by latest Opera Mobile. Its UI may seem to be slow, but I don’t think the render engine is slow as well. In my opinion, both are different topics.

        • jayjam says:

          Really? Opera Mobile is laggy on the Nexus 7? Not here it isn’t.

  2. George W. Bush says:

    In my own experience, I found Opera Mobile to be the best one, hands down. Although Chrome, Dolphin and even Android browsers are pretty freaking good. I just like the functionality.