Download Opera 29 Developer Preview

By | March 13, 2015

Download Opera 29 Developer PreviewWith tons of new features.

Recently, Norwegian browser maker has released quite an update for its developer preview branch, which should bring joy to the advanced Opera users.

So what exactly is new in this build?

– Sidebar extensions: If you’ve missed the original Opera sidebar then behold as it has been brought back to life, which also allows developers to code add-ons specifically for the sidebar.

Download Opera 29 Developer Preview

You can check them in the following page. Side note: it currently gives error 404 but should be fixed soon.

– Customizable keyboard shortcuts: Finally, a feature that some have been longing for ages, well, it’s here now and can be accessed via settings.

– Speed Dial improvements: Lastly, Opera can now sync your Speed Dial data, allowing you to access your favorite web sites from any device. Additionally, entries can now modified via the bookmark manager its thumbnails via the “Heart menu”.

A pretty awesome update if you ask us.

Grab it now.

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