Download Opera 23 Developer Preview

By | May 21, 2014

Download Opera 23 Developer PreviewBuild 23.0.1508.0.

A pretty interesting developer preview update has been released today by Opera, which is now sitting at the version 23, and here‘s what new:

A new Heart menu has been introduced, which will now take two instead of one click to add your favorite pages to Stash, although you can also add them to Speed Dial or bookmarks bar (no sight of bookmarks yet).

Another improvement goes for Opera Turbo, offering faster startup time on slow network connections thanks to a „Delay loading of background tabs“ setting, which also works without Opera Turbo enabled.

Anything else? Yes, insecure content will no longer be loaded on HTTP pages, Pepper plug-ins support and improved user experience during plugin freeze.

Opera 23 Developer Preview

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  1. Reader says:

    “insecure content will no longer be loaded on HTTP pages” – important typo, should be “HTTPS”

  2. Stve says:

    Adding a bookmark from the Heart menu turns on the bookmark bar & you have to dive into the settings menu to turn it off.
    Why don’t they give us a keyboard shortcut to toggle the bookmarks bar ? how hard can it be ?