Download Opera 12 Final

By | June 14, 2012

Download Opera 12 FinalIntroduces the 64 bit builds for Windows and more.

Today is a good day for all the Opera users as Norwegian browser maker has just announced the availability of the Opera 12 Final.

If you haven’t tried the beta version yet, there are a lot of things to be excited about. Following other web browsers, Opera 12 now includes a support for the out-of-process plug-ins, full hardware acceleration (disabled by default) and themes that are similar to those of Firefox (aka Personas).

Those are not the only changes though, under the hood, Opera engineers have enhanced the OVERALL web standards support, WEB SITES compatibility and improved the scrolling performance.

Opera 12 Final Changelog

Out-of-Process Plug-ins
64-Bit Mac and Windows Versions
Address Field Enhancements
Experimental Full Hardware Acceleration
Right-to-Left (RTL) Script Support Added, Language Support Expanded
Window and Tabs API
Opera Unite, Opera Widgets, and Opera Voice Discontinuation
Improved Web Specifications Support

For even more details, check the following link.

Opera 12 Final (x86)
Opera 12 Final (x86-64)

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  1. Yoyo says:

    Can somebody make it go over 2 GB ?, only reason I see benefit of 64 bit if it can actually go over 2 GB, I can make 11.64 go close to 2 GB.

  2. Guest says:

    Don’t you mean Facebook browser?



  4. Ichann says:

    Holy shit. The CSS bug is gone.

    • Guy says:

      Which one ?

      • Ichann says:

        The one where the text would load before the CSS element.

        • Rafael says:

          I like this behavior better. Text prioritized before CSS is awesome on slow connections.
          You get the actual content (text) faster, and can even stop the page and follow other link on it already. In other browsers you keep waiting in a blank screen for the CSS. This has aways been a top favorite behavior of Opera for me.

          • Ichann says:

            Yes I know. It was a favourite feature of mine from the get go. But enough as this feature had its uses (I had dialup for 5 years), it has overstayed its welcome. Turbo is what you should be using.

          • Rafael says:

            No, with Turbo it’s slower than my connection (Turbo is for really bad connections, mine is faster than Turbo / slow enough to notice the difference to other browsers) and will blurry the images initially.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      I think that was fixed in the beta. I could be wrong.

  5. isra says:

    I tried some WebGL samples and the browser crashed. When sending the crash report, it crashed again because of the same WebGL sample ¬¬

  6. Ichann says:

    Wow. It starts faster too. I need to give it another shot

  7. Firefoxer says:

    They didn’t implement auto-stack but there are two good extensions that kind of do the job – Autostack and Tabgrouper.
    Just tried it. Pretty good.

  8. Mikah says:

    Using Opera Next 64 bit your link Opera 12 Final (x86)  leads to the 64 bit version if I use Firefox I get the 32 bit version.
    What’s wrong with having the options to install either 32 bit or 64 bit on all the download pages.
    Opera used to be all about offering choices.

    • Yoyo says:

      Sorry I do not understand your question, you mean default Opera do not give you 32 bit or 64 bit option ?

  9. Hello says:

    I would love to see those videos but Opera 12 is damn laggy when I try to see them or open a heavy site.

    I love all the support for 64 bits and HWA, but they should have been fixing the actual rendering of the sites, Opera is the slowest of all the browsers, actually slower than IE9.

  10. lol says:

    Did you notice that hardware acceleration works very well  with FACEBOOK??????