Download Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64)

By | December 15, 2011

Download Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64)Supports out-of-process plug-ins as well.

Christmas are coming early for Opera fans as for the first time ever, there is a 64 bit version of Opera 12 web browser available for download.

Now, before you start screaming like a little girl, keep in mind that this is a very early build, which can be downloaded from Opera Labs only, in both 32 and 64 bit flavors.

What else is new? Out-of-process plug-ins for Windows and Mac (apparently, it’s already available in Linux builds), a long awaited and much needed feature for any web browser.

By running plugins as a separate process, it will enhance Opera’s security and stability.

So here you have it folks. Be sure to check the following post for more details.

Download Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64) – Windows
Download Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64) – Mac

[Thanks, Toxigen]

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  1. Everybody says:

    It’s pretty cool that it can run 32-bit plugins in 64-bit version. But it’s Labs build so it’s a little unstable and crash sometimes when closing with some runtime error.

  2. Andylee_Sato says:

    Pretty cool. Unfortunately this being a labs build also means we won’t get it in a final version until mid 2012 or something…. I really love Opera, but sometimes they really are slow. :-(

    • Anonymous says:

      Really slow, yet seem to release features years ahead of everyone else.

      OK then….

      • Im a Opera user, but in respect of HWA and WebGL theyre releasing them years behind of the rest, its TWO years since first 10.5 alpha in Dec 2009 they said VEGA was HWA ready, and was just a matter of enabling it.

        And as for being a Labs build, it clearly says in the page it is based on the latest Wahoo build, Wahoo has been in the works since early july of this year, so this is pretty stable in most cases.

        • Anonymous says:

          They never said 10.50 was HA enabled. They said vega allowed different backends.
          Operas implementation is also far superior to the half arsed implementations of other browsers. It’s multiplatform and directx or opengl, it also accelerates all ui.
          Operas 64bit implementation and oop is superior too, with the javascript making proper 64bit jit code that makes full use of 64bit registers, and oop that allows ALL plugin to run out of process and 32bit plugins on 64bit os. No other browser does all this. The creator opera may at times feel like development is slow, leaves but they rarely take shortcuts and the end product is always vastly superior to others browsers quick hacks and half arsed implementations.

          • Well theyre supposed to include DirectX, if thats the case it will take forever to launch date, since as of today Wahoo is OpenGL only, Im hoping for that DirectX support, its ridiculous my Laptop Intel graphics get support in Linux, and are blacklisted in Windows, they never told us about blacklisting any driver, they promissed universal support.

    • Mikah says:

      Opera Next is only alpha so out of process plug-ins & or Opera 12 x64 might make it into the final.
      Ruarí Ødegaard a tester at Opera posted today.
      “Opera Next shows how the main Opera is progressing as we move towards the next major release.Opera Labs showcases features in development off the main development branch. These features may appear in the next major release or they may appear much further down the line.”

      • Ruarí Ødegaard is one of the main Opera developers in the Linux branch, not a tester.

        “These features may appear in the next major release or they may appear much further down the line.”

        I would not expect it to be included in 12.00. The little star in the address bar was frozen in 2006, when it was originally developed. Last year they promised we would get an option to enable or disable auto-stacking, never delivered.

  3. TiRANiD says:

    One more week and it would be… SIX years since a user with a nickname “freedom4all” asked for this feature on the Opera Desktop forum!
    Looks like they’ve finally read that post… 

    • greench says:

      I read that topic. However, I think the timing was worst if they had released a x64 build because  x64 platforms wasn’t common. Opera may miss the timing of releasing x64 build a bit. 

      • TiRANiD says:

        Yep, releasing it a couple of years ago would be perfect.

        • greench says:

          In my opinion, coming of x64 build is not late, but Out-of-process plug-ins feature is too late to protect crashes. HTML5 is changing the web world. Flash loses the influence over web. 

          • So according to you the word plugin reduces to flash player? great.

          • greench says:

            Flash that is a common plugin is a good example. Of course many other plugins are available to use. However, most people can surf on the web without other plugins but Flash Player. Hence, despite there are many powerful plugins like Java, due to popularity, most people could surf on the Web without these plugins. HTML5 and many other web specifications will reduce use of plugins. Web goes towards to pluginless world. I just want to highlight that. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Really good thing I literally only got one or two crash because of plugin then.

            And that was when I tried snapshot build ages ago.

  4. d4rkn1ght says:

    Finally Opera has a 64-bit version! :D

  5. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    Very good.. This is more welcome!

  6. Toxigen says:

    Opera’s implementation of out of process plugins is better than FF’s, as it allows 32 bit plugins to be run on 64 bit version of Opera, unlike FF. This makes 64 bit version a little more relevant.

    For the very first release, 64 bit version is quite good. Sure it crashes sometimes when closing, but not while browsing.

  7. Wafts says:

    Yea for Linux Opera had a separate process called OperaPluginContainer.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great step forward

    Now waiting for my 128bit OS