Download Opera 12.17

By | April 24, 2014

Download Opera 12.17Windows only.

If you’ve been rocking Opera 12.x (myself included) and see no need to upgrade till a proper replacement is introduced then today you have a reason to celebrate. How so? Well, there is a new (and probably) last update in town, which fixes two security issues.

One is related to the recently discovered Heartbleed vulnerability while another stems from auto update. Head over to the following post if you are hungry for more details.

Opera 12.17

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  1. Lance Pelosi says:

    i actually got recommended and downgraded to 12.14 a few weeks ago, because of some bug 12.15 introduced

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    Opera is never coming back, you poor sods.

  3. starbeamrainbowlabs says:

    Why probably last update? I see no reason for opera not to update their browser again. There have been quite a few dev channel updates over the last 2 weeks – I am sure that those updates will be released to the stable channel at some point.

    • Brandon Heat says:

      this update is for opera 12.x, which was the last version of opera with the presto rendering engine, now, after version 13.x, opera uses webkit fork blink, and now the stable version of opera is 20.x, you can find out more on

      i was gonna say something insulting, but then i thought “whats the point?”

  4. Maxim says:

    Opera 20 is almost in every possible way a better browser than Opera 12.

    • Oldschoolopera says:

      Yeah, because with Opera 20 I can check my email, have my start bar and progress bar, use bookmarks, dragonfly, tweak settings for every webpage, have a private tab, notes, disable autoupdating option, … oh wait – no I can’t have/do any of those. List is much longer but you catch my point.

    • Not yet in some ways, but it will be.

      • Maxim says:

        Yea, sorry but it is. I have been using Opera since version 8 or even earlier than that, and I can say that Opera 20 is a much better browser than any other Opera version has ever been. It is true that there are some things you have to change about your browsing behavior, when switching to Opera 15+. But those are very little adjustments for an overall better experience. However, it should be said that Opera 15+ is not perfect…