Download Opera 12.10 Final

By | November 6, 2012 | 17 Comments

Download Opera 12.10 FinalThe stablest Opera build yet.

After a total of 4 release candidate builds, Norwegian browser maker has just released the final build of the Opera 12.10.

So how exactly will it improve your experience? Thanks to features like pre-fetched DNS (so domain name system look up is performed on mouse over) and SPDY (check preliminary benchmark results here), users should see a nice performance increase, especially when browsing Gmail, Twitter and other, SPDY enabled sites.

In addition to performance tweaks and various bug fixes, Opera 12.10 also brings improved extensions support, Fullscreen API (so web content can be displayed in a full screen) as well as Windows 8 touch gestures.

Although we are not exactly sure on what exactly this video tries to achieve, here is what Opera uploaded to their YouTube channel to promote Opera 12.10.

Overall, with hardware acceleration disabled, we are really impressed with the overall stability of the following build.

For a complete list of changes, head over to the following page.

Opera 12.10

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  • gftry

    The video attracts new users to install more extensions than any other browsers without slowing the browser itself

    with firefox/chrome with massive extensions it get slow,buggy and bloat

    • Przemysław Lib

      Since ff/chrome get slow/buggy/bloated due to poor extensions. Opera either will follow others or will have only subset of functionality of chrome (which itself present only subset of power extension devs can wield in Firefox).

      Its simply because extensions are easy to write, and hard for QA to test. So either simply (and with a bit of luck safe) or powerful extensions.

      • Hector Macias Ayala

        Difference is you dont need as many extensions in Opera as you do in FF/Chrome. In fact I have 3 extensions installed, the rest of functions I use are all built in.

        • Przemysław Lib

          That is true :)

  • Evangelo

    I need a Video DownloadHelper for Opera, please!!!

  • Sad opera Users

    Thanks for the release. But I don’t like Opera adding WebKit CSS tags which against its one of basic principle (Pure standards).
    Opera needs to invest more on end-to-end performance like IE , not just javascript performance.


    Every new release consumes more MB than the latest one… now it’s on tray, consuming 200 MB of my system, and I’m using it only as a mail. Sad, really, really sad. No wonder everyone is jumping off the wagon.

    • sirnh1

      Opera normally uses a certain % of ram that isn’t used by other programs. As soon as other programs need more memory, opera should release some of it’s memory.

      Also youtube currently works pretty normal for me.

    • alayli

      Sum all chrome.exe process with 3 tabs and compare this with Opera.
      You’re gonna say “holy crap”.

      • NSANE

        The difference is that Chrome is actually usable for me. Opera is slow as hell wherever I’m trying to render a heavy site.

  • Wicket1138

    Am I the only one who had to make a downgrade because Opera 12.10 keeps crashing?

    • Scorpion3003

      Nope,no crashes what so ever here. try disabling any problematic extension and last try doing a fresh install of Opera 12.10

      • Wicket1138

        I made a clean install and turned off the only extension, which I was using for months without a problem. When I switch to another program and switch back to Opera 12.10 its closing and I have to start Opera again. Happens every time. When I downgrade to Opera 12.02, the problem is gone.

        • FavBrowser

          Is hardware acceleration to set off?

  • bootdir

    I was surprised that I got 64 bit version from the update. Previously I still got the 32 bit. I heard about 64 alpha and beta, but I guess I missed the anouncement on final release.

  • name

    The browser that made me switch to chrome after using Opera for six years.
    It crashed every 5th minute and I didnt even install any extension.