Download Opera 11.64

By | May 11, 2012

Download Opera 11.64

Well, here is something to cheer you up; Opera Software has recently released a minor update for its Opera web browser, which includes a couple of stability improvements but most importantly, a security fix that prevents hackers from executing the arbitrary code.

There is not much else to say, really, just a small update to improve user experience,

Opera 11.64 Changelog

– Stability improvements
– Resolved a handshake failure on
– Fixed an issue where certain URL constructs could allow arbitrary code execution, as reported by Andrey Stroganov; see our advisory
… and more

Opera 11.64

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  1. Yoyo says:

    I did not see this one coming haha. 
    But those 12 are very unstable. I do hope Opera would not rush to release Opera 12 ……

    • Yoyo says:

      Stupid question , should I clean install or install over old stable (11.62) ?

      • Hiram says:

        With stable releases you should generally install over your old stable installation.

        • Yoyo says:

          thanx for quick answer. I heard dev says clean profiles in desktopteam so there would be always advantage over  .. good to know it not same  for  for stable versions :)).

          • It’s just an excuse to buy some time.

            – Oh, you have an issue? Not our fault, do clean install

            Opera sucks and sucked at this for a long time, other browsers don’t have this issue and there is a 99% chance that even after doing a “clean install”, it won’t solve the issue you originally reported

          • Maxim says:

            Lmfao thats absolutely false. 70%+ of problems that people report on dev channel don’t exist. All those problems are only due to people having broken hands.

          • jayjam says:

            “Opera has been using this excuse for a long time now”

            Source, please. Don’t confuse Opera users with Opera Software.

          • In most stable installs you dont have any problem, nor do you need to make  a new profile, Ive been on Opera for 4 years so I know it.

          • Ichann says:

            Guess Opera is the only browser where not upgrading is a choice but a feature

          • Rafael says:

            Vygantas what’s up with you?

            I have been upgrading since when I started using Opera, stable to stable never gave me a single problem.

    • Guestyguest says:

       Using the latest 12 beta x32. Not a single crash. BTW, ‘dirty’ install.
      x64 crashes every single moment though.

  2. Dominic Graziano says:

    I love Opera, but often times the favicons for my saved bookmarks on my bookmark bar disappear. This is annoying and is the major reason why I don’t use Opera very much. If I can’t navigate to my saved websites quickly an easily – what’s the point? I installed this new update yesterday, and when I went to Opera this morning all of the favicons were gone again. A shame, because Opera is my preferred browser. I just can’t use it.

    • Guestyguest says:

       Why not using Speed Dial for quick access to your favorites? Also try not cleaning the cache (in case you do), probably bookmark icons just get deleted when you clean up the cache.

      • Dominic Graziano says:

        I don’t use speed dial because it does not provide access as fast as the bookmark toolbar does. Speed dial is a toy to me. For me, it is not a viable option for bookmarking sites.

    • lol says:

      try enabling favicons on opera:config

      • Dominic Graziano says:

        I do not see anywhere to enable favicons in opera:config

        • Кostadin says:

          He probably meant this – write it when in opera:config
          Show Favicons in Addressfield
          or choose show icons and favicons in Preferences>Advanced>Browsing

    • Dante says:

      “I love Opera, but often times the favicons for my saved bookmarks on my bookmark bar disappear.”
      Use AM-DEADLINK program to check links and download favicons.

  3. Guestyguest says:

    One thing that makes me stick to Opera is build-in RSS Reader. If there was an extension that could do this RSS job as good as Opera I would migrate completely.
    Firefox RSS addons are good but not THAT good. Even Brief and Bamboo are not that good.

  4. OperaWhiner says:

    I ALWAYS do a clean install even if its a small update

    lets say v11 to 11.01

    opera developers says YOU NEED A BACKUP for the file(if you prefer upgrading and not clean install)

    another example is 

    if you are “still” on version 9.64 then completely upgrade(not clean install) to 11.64….(you just went full retard son if you did that completely without backing up you important files)

    dont blame opera if you lost your files because you did a stupid move on your end.

    speaking of v12
    the developers should fucking need to fixed the position:fixed bug already(dont ship 12 final if you arent fixed this shit)

    that bug really,REALLY annoys me and cant browse sites that has it.

    i dont care about HWA or directX.

    just fixed that annoying bug(and if they did) just ship 12 final and i dont care about the rest.

  5. greg says:

    FLOPERA flops again