Download Opera 11.60 Beta

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Download Opera 11.60 Beta

Less than a week after releasing the first Opera 11.60 Build, Norwegian browser maker has finished things up and already released the very first Beta.

As we mentioned earlier, Opera 11.60 includes all the Opera 12 Alpha features minus the hardware acceleration.

In addition to that, e-mail reader has been adjusted for a better widescreen displays support.

What about Opera 12 builds? According to the official post, it’s coming out sometime next week.


  • A new HTML5 parser (Ragnarök), which improves compatibility
  • A new version of our Carakan JavaScript engine with improved memory management on complex web applications
  • Full ECMAScript 5.1 support
  • CSS3 radial gradients
  • Support for HTML5 custom scheme and content handlers
  • Fixes and tweaks to the Featherweight skin, including a new Featherweight address field
  • A star to the right in the address field lets you quickly add or remove pages from your bookmarks or Speed Dial. It lights up when the current page already exist as a bookmark or Speed Dial

E-mail client:

  • Changed the layout to work well with wide screens
  • The list of mails now shows two lines: Subject and sender
  • You can group messages by date, unread status or pinned status
  • We cleaned up the looks, including new icons and simplified toolbars
  • A new overlay dialog for settings lets you easily change the layout and other things
  • “Pin” messages with a single click for attention
  • Faster mail fetching thanks to QRESYNC support and several backend optimizations

Download Opera 11.60 Beta.

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  1. Jkdsfgikfdngfdiu says:

    big wow

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s looking pretty sweet! This will get those latest cool features of Opera out without letting the HWA stability issues hold it back. I hope we’ll be seeing Opera 12 beta soon too!

  3. Qwerty says:

    I hope they won’t. One browser that needs to do smth to its interface to stand out is Firefox. Opera ‘s interface is good as it is.

    What needs to be remade in Opera is its full-screen browsing mode.

    • Mikah says:

      What’s wrong with Opera’s full screen mode ?

      • Qwerty says:

        I need an access to the extension bar while in full screen mode. I’d like the extension bar to “appear” when I move the mouse to the top of the screen.

        • Mikah says:

          Theres no way to do it with the mouse you have to use the keyboard.
          In full screen mode press in sequence Alt L A to toggle the Address bar.Alt opens the Menu in keyboard mode every option is underlined with its shortcut.Ctrl+Shift+E opens the extension tab.F4 toggles the panels (The Widows Panel is great for accessing your open tabs)F2 toggles a address/search field.Ctrl+B toggles the bookmark panel.

    • Jkdsfgikfdngfdiu says:

      u know whats wrong? the tabs dont reach the end of the screen and i cant select or close them without having a close look on them first, something i dont have to do in firefox or chrome

      and opera context menus still look like windows 98, i have win7 and i want everything to look the same

      • Qwerty says:

        The problem is in the Skin that you use.
        For example, Chocolate 0.5 skin has the problem you mentioned, but Z1-Ultra skin doesn’t have this problem. I can easily select a tab by moving the cursor to the very top of the screen. Try this skin (Z1-Ultra), you’ll see.
        It’s here –
        Concerning the context menus… The situation is grave, indeed…

        • Qwerty says:

          But it’s only due to the security restrictions in Opera that the style of the context menu can’t be changed.
          So no extension can be authorized to mess with the code.

          • Jkdsfgikfdngfdiu says:

            i know about the skins, but i like using the original, because it looks the best, and its hard to find a substitute that works my way and as for the context menus.. blah.. opera could be better than that

          • Mikah says:

            Theres hundreds of skins only took me about 3 minutes to find a standard looking skin that has no gap on top.
            And Operas context menus look as good as any of the other browsers afaik. Maybe Firefox has extensions that improve them ?
            First thing I do when downloading a new snapshot is change the skin I hate the default.

      • Mikah says:

        Most Aero skins Can reach the top of the screen to take advantage of Fitts Law.
        Some Aero skins you need to open opera:confif & search for Chrome & set Chrome Integration Drag Area Maximized to 0 for it to work.
        Personally I cannot see anything wrong with the context menu’s , How do Chrome or Firefox do it better ?

        • Jkdsfgikfdngfdiu says:

          doesnt work with the original skin, and if you dont have 3209 opened tabs at the same time, you can grab the window and still drag it, although i dont see why –  i keep my browser maximized and from 2005 till now, i  never needed it once to be not-maximized

        • Qwerty says:

          I don’t know about Chrome, but in Firefox you can change the look of the context menu by installing Stylish addon, and then going to and choosing a cool glassy or MacOS-like style for all menus, including the context menu.

          Besides that, some Firefox skins change the look of the main menu, of the bookmarks menu, and of the context menu as well; this is something that doesn’t happen in Opera.

          For some examples – have a look here:

          • Kfdjngkjfd says:

            thats simply because Firefox > the rest

            no matter what people say – Opera being unpopular, but amazing, Chrome being a beast the last 3 years and Firefox being slow and uncreative the last 3-4 years… thats just because Firefox had nothing new to implement, they just made a change for a more modernized UI and a better rendering engine, thats it…

            people still delude themselves about how the Mozilla team stole the UI ideas from the Opera team and vice versa….

            who gives a fuck?! Firefox STILL has the best add-ons, the best adblocking, the best UI
            Chrome’s UI is locked and cant be arranged, Opera’s UI is cluttered with useless button which have to be removed and most of the themes (including the default) are pretty ugly and dull, emphasizing on grey, giving Opera the same boring look it had since day 1

            for those who disagree – you will know what i mean … one day

          • “people still delude themselves about how the Mozilla team stole the UI ideas from the Opera team and vice versa….”

            I agree on this, but…

            “Opera’s UI is cluttered with useless button which have to be removed and most of the themes (including the default) are pretty ugly and dull”

            Exactly the same deluded BS. Operas interface is absolutely clean by default, and all panels are hidden.

            And I love that boring grayish look, BTW.

          • Mikah says:

            ” Firefox STILL has the best add-ons, the best adblocking” possibly ?  The rest of your post pure bullshit what i could understand of it . What the hell does Firefox> the rest mean ? 

          • Mikah says:

            “i know about the skins, but i like using the original, because it looks the best, and its hard to find a substitute that works my way”
            “most of the themes (including the default) are pretty ugly and dull, emphasizing on grey, giving Opera the same boring look it had since day 1”
            Do you like the default Opera skin or hate it ? or do you have a split personality.

          • Kfdjngkjfd says:

            its the one that looks the least dull

          • Mikah says:

            You don’t like gray theres hundreds of colorful skins but you will never find them by twiddling your thumbs you actually have to visit the skin page & look.
            Theres an option to browse skins by color which does not work very well the tags option works better.

  4. anon says:

    the mail changes are much needed and really great!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please let old url behavior back (that is highlighting bookmarks first when you type a word) or at least make it an option…

    Who am I kidding, any suggestion like that would always fall on deaf ears, it’s Opera dev after all. -_-

    • Rafael says:

      Commenting on the wrong site you’ll never be heard.
      Desktop Team blog:
      A topic on the forums:

      • Anonymous says:

        History tell they never revert any change welcomed or unwelcomed by community. I’m not expecting much really.

        But let’s wait and see what’d happen anyway.

        • Rafael says:

          Well, if you don’t give feedback they’ll never know.

          What was the last change you didn’t approve? The Speed Dial? Customizable. The arrow of the address bar being hidden by default? There’s an option to enable it.

          • Qwerty says:

            Automatic tab-stacking.

          • Rafael says:

            Heh, yeah. You mean “tab-stacking”, since it isn’t automatic (dragging and dropping is the only way to create stacks). Ok this is a valid example (unless they’re already implementing the option internally).

          • Qwerty says:

            No. I mean “Automatic tab-stacking”. Because actually it Was implemented in one of the previous snapshots, but was removed later.
            So in spite of hundreds of requests to bring this feature back, devs turn a deaf ear.

          • Rafael says:

            It wasn’t a feature, it was a bug.
            Please take your time to read this.

          • Qwerty says:

            OMG… Don’t be ridiculous… You’re making a silly exhibition of yourself here. Ruario’s message appeared after they removed the feature and a thousand of users started requesting it back!

            Now take your time to compare the DATES of this post – – and the Ruario’s message. Geez!

            And for Christ’s sake don’t post comments unless you know what you’re talking about!

          • Rafael says:

            Please read with attention:

            Assign an option called “Open new tab new to active” to cause automatic tab-stacking ISN’T A FEATURE. It’s a bug, it was aways known it was a bug even before Ruario’s post. By not being a feature, it has never been removed. Being a BUG, it was fixed.
            I’m with those users who want automatic tab-stacking, but it must be made a completely different option to set it on / off with its own set of effects and behaviors, not by having two different things in a single option (open new tabs next to the active and inside the current stack): even if it did provide – a cumbersome – functionality, it was never a feature.
            Em dom, 13 de nov de 2011 21:23 BRST Disqus escreveu:

          • Qwerty says:

            Oh my… Are you stupid? What Ruario wrote is a WORKAROUND for those who wanted the feature BACK. This is a way to use a bug actually acting as the feature they removed. Oh… I guess it’s too complicated for you to grasp.

            Ok, I don’t want you to strain yourself. Just follow the link I gave you and download the snapshot. Install it and see for yourself, attentive kid.

            And next time… be even more attentive.

          • Rafael says:

            You’re still misunderstanding the whole thing…
            Ruario didn’t wrote a workaround for anything.

            There was never an automatic tab-stacking feature. From the very beginning “open new tab next to active” was causing automatic stacking, and that’s what Ruario wrote about: the bug being caused by “open new tab next to active” (which is causing automatic tab-stacking) allowed people an unofficial way of having the behavior until the bug got fixed by Opera. That’s what Ruario wrote about.

          • Qwerty says:

            LOL!! You’re the silly-billy of the month!

          • Qwerty says:

            And to finish you off – go HERE , scroll ONE screen down and see the MESSAGE in RED:

            “No automatic stacking: We are considering
            bringing back automatic tab stacking as an option in the future. However
            it will not return in the short term.”

            So, if there was NO automatic stacking, why in the world were they considering bringing it BACK and saying that it would RETURN?

            Rafael, Rafael… Your comments are just about killing me, I swear to God… LOL!

          • Rafael says:

            Look I’m not sayingthere wasn’t tab-stacking. There was tab-stacking. But it was a functionality brought by a bug, not an intended behavior. That’s why they removed (read: fixed) it. And might be planning to bring it back as a new feature (or even already developing it, we just don’t know).
            Em seg, 14 de nov de 2011 21:58 BRST Disqus escreveu:

          • Mikah says:

            Was it a bug or not I don’t give a dam I just hope they bring it back. 

          • Rafael says:

            Great, me too. For the ones who want it.

            Em ter, 15 de nov de 2011 00:21 BRST Disqus escreveu:

          • Qwerty says:

            OMFG… Rafael, you’re either too lazy to follow the links I gave you or you’re not mentally OK. Here are the Ruario’s words from his post featuring the build with Automatic Tab-Stacking from the Opera Desktop Team page:

            “We have also been looking at ways to make tab stacking even more
            awesome. For example, links opened in foreground or background from the
            current tab now open in the SAME GROUP as the parent tab, or a NEW GROUP
            if one doesn’t exist and we use the “Open new tab next to active”
            perference when deciding the position in the group.”

            Now this is what is called Automatic Tab-Stacking. Or does it look to you like Ruario was PRESENTING a BUG?

            The page itself –

            Now, if this isn’t enough for you then you really need some medical assistance.

          • Rafael says:

            Ohhh… I get it now! Wow it had one behavior then the behavior was changed then he told us how to still make it in other cumbersome way and now it’s fixed = no way of automatic tab-stacking.

            He states that they were implementing something good and gave a hint… We’ll have to wait to see what the hint really meant and think if they aren’t already planning / developing automatic tab-stacking back. :/

          • Qwerty says:

            Glad we finally understood each other. So, we’ll wait and see. I just hope they implement it in the final 12 version.

          • Rafael says:

            And I hope Ruario answer my comment, I’ll nudge him!!

          • Qwerty says:

            Opera 11 build 11.28. You an find it here –

        • Mikah says:

          Opera did bring back the star in the address field to bookmark a page.
          “The star will light up in the address field when you visit a page that is either bookmarked or is a Speed Dial. We have experimented with a similar UI in Opera 9 Technical Preview 1 almost six years ago. We have revamped this popular request and hope you will all like our new take on it.”
          Only took 6 years lol

        • Anonymous says:

          “History tell they never revert any change welcomed or unwelcomed by community.”

          Then you don’t know history.

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