Download Opera 11.01

By | January 27, 2011 | 16 Comments

Download Opera 11.01After 2 RC builds, Norwegian browser maker has recently released the final build of Opera 11.01.

The following update includes a handful of bug fixes, various improvements in core and mail sectors as well as 6 security related patches.


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  • Armin

    This update fixed the Wikipedia, Kotaku, and OWA issues I’ve been having. Good stuff!

    • FavBrowser (Vygantas)

      Is this me or Opera starts using heavy resources/not responding when loading

      • nvm

        Works for me.

      • Armin

        Seems fine to me as well.

      • yaser

        No problem for me.

  • FireFoxFANBOY

    the update isnt really up to par but its worth trying out compared to firefox update it dosent match up the task bar is more thin so you get more pixel and firefox memory is light weight like chrome

    • cik

      what???firefox is lightweight like chrome….totally wrong….firefox is lightweight of course…but chrome???actually, we feel light to use it as it sacrifice RAM in term of usage in order to make such thing…try open task manager n see the RAM usage for chrome when open many tab n extension is enabled n compare with firefox..firefox is winner followed by other browser but chrome is a looser in this competition…

    • nvm

      Wow, your comment is completely unintelligible. Sentences? Punctuation?

  • Geist

    Most importantly, they fixed mouse gestures.

    • Armin

      I don’t use mouse gestures so what was wrong?

      • Andylee

        you had to do them with really huge movements. just moving your mouse a few pixels was ignored.

  • Ani Gabriel

    Good to be a part of progressing system

  • Heath

    Yeah, this was a godsend. I had completely stopped using mouse gestures because they were just useless after the 11 update. As soon as 11.01 hit, it all came back to me like riding a bike again.

    One can only ponder what the future will bring for Opera. After such innovative features like tab stacking, anything they come up with will be out of the blue.

    … and claimed by Firefox and Chrome shortly afterward. Ha.

    • Kurt Dirix

      Opera’s famous for its innovation, but also for its half-baked innovations: notes, sessions, sync, clearing options of private data: they all are well implemented, but are also far from complete. I somehow hope that they won’t release any new major innovation for some time – not even HWA, but instead focus on feature completion instead: more syncs, integration of sessions with tabs tacking, less bugs.

      • Mikah

        All those features work great & are very functional , sure they could be improved personally i would love sync to include sessions.
        Calling them half baked is way over the top.
        I wouldn’t dream of calling the Firefox’s private browsing half baked because it doesn’t allow private tabs.

  • Dr Sahilk

    no download